"Darvish Joe," an American, sings Gol-e-Goldoon-e-Man, a song originally performed by Simin Ghanem on Farhad Sheibani lyrics and Fereidoon Shahbazian's composition.  This is one of my most favorite songs in the world, full of memories and joy.  He does such a good job of the song, too, don't you think?
Something had been happening around me over the past three days which had me really worried.  Thank God the problem has been resolved in a good way and I'm really, really happy again!  I try to stay true in what I write in my blogs, for I write to please no one but myself and the urge in me to express myself.  When I have fears and worries and pains, and for whatever reason I am unable to share them, I can't pretend to be happy and write as if nothing is wrong.  This is my little home in which I am myself, free and true.  I'm so glad I don't have to stare at the keyboard anymore, unable to write.  I am relieved and free.  I will write a good blog tomorrow.  In November, I will also write the story of what was bothering me this week.  Happy Thursday everybody!


مسعود said...

ما هم این خانه کوچک و صاحب بزرگ آنرا دوست داریم.منتظر می مانیم در حالیکه دستهایمان را زیر چانه گذاشته و خیره بتو نگاه می کنیم،درست مثل آنوقتها،الا اینکه تومادر بزرگ نیستی.
وقتی ترکیب لیتل هوم را خواندم یاد وقتی افتادم که در تلویزیون سابق سریالی به همین نام پخش میشد و من فردایش از معلم زبانمان مرحوم آقای نیک مهر پرسیدم چرا
ننوشته لیتل هوس و او کلی برایم توضیح داد
صلح و سلام بر تو باد

Anonymous said...

what a lovely song. thanks for putting it on. best, mv