Waiting For My Friends

Happy Saturday!  I'm running around, getting ready to receive dear friends again this weekend.  I love having guests!  Since I insist on cooking for my guests myself, the day before a party is always very hectic for me.  This is also one of the few times in the lifestyle I have these days when I really miss having help with throwing parties.  The best kind of help to have for a party is not domestic help, in my opinion.  It is a partner who likes to entertain as much as you do, sharing the enjoyment of preparing for and delivering a successful party.  Absent that, I do my best by myself!  Say, I want to show you a video clip I found last night.  Turn up your speakers and watch this:   "There" is a contemporary choreography infused with Asian dance movements.  It was developed from Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, and Armenian dance elements.  The piece was choreographed by Wan-Chao Chang for Ballet Afsaneh in 2008. Dancers are Miriam Peretz, Hannah Romanowsky, Kris Sague, and Wan-Chao Chang herself. It's based on "Form 3", a piece of music by Greg Ellis from "Kala Rupa." This dance piece was presented in Ballet Afsaneh's home season show, Safar-e Bienteha, Eternal Journey , on July 2008 in San Jose, California.    It's simple and yet sophisticated, beautiful to follow and a joy to watch.  This is awesome!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Have a good day!

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