The Wish

When I was a little girl, my family and I were visiting some relatives somewhere for the first time. I was apprehensive about sleeping in a house I had never visited. As our hosts kindly made everyone's bed, as is customary of Iranian homes and their generosity to their guests, lying in the bed next to my cousin, I told her about my fear of sleeping in new places. She told me about the "wish." She told me that whenever you sleep anywhere for the first time, you are entitled to making a wish that will come true. I am convinced I have been motivated to travel the world and go to different places all my life, because of learning about "the wish!"
I slept at my friends' house for the first time last night. Just before I fell asleep, I made a big wish with all my heart. For the moments it took me to concentrate on that wish, I was the little girl in that pristine bedding at my relative's house again. I wasn't thinking about what is possible, what is feasible, what is practical, and what makes sense! I was making a wish and it wouldn't have been a wish if it weren't big, impossible, irrational, and grandiose! Heeh, now I will have to worry all day, wondering what if my wish does come true?!!! What would I do then?!! I'm laughing like a madwoman right about now!
P.S. My adventures with Ray-the-Cat have already begun. I'll tell you about Ray when I am able to upload his picture here. Also, I am typing this blog on my friend's Mac and I'm having difficulties with some of the features. Forgive the appearance if this doesn't come out well. Have a nice Friday everyone!


نیلوفر said...

وای نازی جونم !!! چه حس قشنگ و شیرینی داشت که حرفاتون
خوندمتون و هی قند توی دلم اب شد و یک حس کودکانه امد و نشست کنار قندهای ته دلم و ذوق کردم و تا به الان چندین بار هی دوباره از اول خواندمش
تصور ان همه هیجان که از اولین ارزو امد و کشیده شد به همه خانه های جدید و ماندن های بار اول و تمامی ارزوهایتان ٬‌فوق العاده ست
اخر هفته خوبی داشته باشین

Anonymous said...

سلام نازی جون

زیبا بود مثل همیشه.برای من هم خاطره بچگی و موندن توی خونه یه دوست خانوادگی را زنده کردو بی قراریم را.خیلی جالب بوداین آرزو کردن. ممنون
خوش باشید و سر سبز

يكي مثه همه said...

Dear Nazy
I believe when someone makes a wish and if really thinks of it in a special way! it becomes true.
I always can guess if I am thinking as the wish becomes true or not!
I can not control the way of thinking to my wish but as soon as I make a wish I am sure if it is going to come true or not.I dont now if others have such feelings about making wishes!:)
Anyway I hope all your wishes come true so soon

Anonymous said...

آقا مسعود عزیز سلام عرض می کنم
حونم براتون بگه که من کمتر میام اینترنت به دلائل مختلف که یکیش خرابی این کامپیوتر زپرتی است دائم فریز میشه.مثالش همین حالا که نوشتم برای شما و نشد و حالا هم معلوم نیست بتونم سند کنم.خلاصه گاهی فقط سر میزنم به این معنا که عکس ها را می بینم و عنوان ها را! مثل بچه ها!ولی مطلب نازی درباره بچگی اش را خوندم و نتو نستم چیزی بنویسم.حالا ولی 3 تا پست اخیر را خوندم.خیلی شیرین مینویسه ولی من تنبلم در انگلیسی خوندن.

ارادتمند! مرضیه..

Anonymous said...

نازی جون خیلی این زیتون و عشق دلچسب بود.با دیدن کلیپ اما خاطره سال 73 زنده شد و سینمای عصر جدید تهران
برات یه دنیا عشق و صلح و آرامش آرزو می کنم عزیزم


Mohammad M said...

that's such a nice superstition, Nazy jan! I hadn't heard that before.

Mohammad said...

that's such a nice superstition, Nazy jan! I hadn't heard that before.