The Music of Life

Tehran, July 2007, photo by Parviz Forghani from Iranian.com. Where in Tehran is this, Parviz?
And so, it felt strange all evening to be here by myself! It didn't feel bad or lonely because I was engrossed in work, but it felt strange just the same. My sons are celebrating their youth together and it was a good opportunity for me to celebrate something, too! Some of my time this evening was spent researching some videos for a project I'm doing. Once that piece was done, I got to the quiet part.
Going through my tasks, without a sound in the house except for the clicks of the keyboard, I could hear so much of the life going on outside my windows. Passing cars, an airplane preparing to land in the small nearby airport, people talking to their dogs as they walked them, couples chatting companionably as they took an evening stroll, and the sprinklers going off at midnight to water the grounds outside. Blissful silence interspersed with sounds of life. Can it get any better than this? Quiet enough to think, but not isolated at all.
I'm exhausted now. My mind is full of sweet noises as I go to hit the sack. I'll go to a function after work tomorrow, so I doubt I'll be able to write anything until really late. I wish you all a good Friday and the beginning of a great weekend. Enjoy yourselves and those you love and confess your love to them every chance you get! Remember, the best things in life are free. No bank balance and no assets can buy true love and trust and respect. You have all that you need inside of you, share it and you will receive back in abundance, I guarantee it! That's what I think anyway. Money never brought me happiness. Love did. Be good y'all!


آدم گلابی said...

i fell in love with the last part of the post. isnt it so right? best things of life come free...
so how did you like the debate last night? there was a debate here on TV too. it was between the candidates of all 5 parties.
in light Nazi e aziz, your writings brighten my days

Nazy said...

Salam Golabi Jan!

I have missed you! I'm trying to get a little more organized with my comments so that I can keep in touch with my good friends!

The debate and this whole Republican party debacle has been amusing to me! I mean, My God, is this the best the GOP can do?!!

Sarah Palin does not fit the bill, period, and if this is the best those guys can do, good luck to them and God help America if they win!

Part of me also really resents an unqualified woman's trying to push her way forward as a legitimate candidate, for I know so many other women, a lot more qualified that this one, have worked really hard in their fields for years, never getting a chance at advancement like this. An unqualified woman could do so much damage to women's struggles to be taken seriously and equally. This could set women back by decades again, I'm afraid.

And last, but not least, why does she wink at the camera? Why does she have to act cute and coy? Jeez, I could go on forever!

Let's forget about politics, shall we?!! Thanks so much for your kind and supportive words my friend! Likewise, reading your thoughts always makes me happy; they also make me think!

I think money is overrated in importance and effectiveness! It is a necessary tool, I understand, and it can bring comforts without which life could become stressful. That's about all the value it has to me.

The thing about money that kills me is that I have met so many people who have become so arrogant just because they had money. That's where money not only doesn't helps its owners, but actually takes an axe and hacks at the roots of their happiness, in my humble opinion.

Anyhow, I know you know all of that, Golabi Jan! Enjoy your weekend with that sweet Bardia! What new things has he learned? Do share!

ibeebarbie said...

You are absolutely right---nothing like love.

NeghNeghoo said...

Dear Nazi,
Thanks for publishing my photo in you blog. I am honored. It is one of the few remaining old buildings in Galoobandak Ave. near bazar.
By the way thanks for your queation regarding hernia, it was a virtual one and I am afraid these days it affects both sexes! ;D
Thanks for your always positive comments.
Ba behtarin arezooha

Anonymous said...

نازی گلم سلام
خوبی؟قند و عسل ها! چطورند؟ظاهرن با هم خوشند.همیشه شاد باشید.می گم این سارا پیلن عجب خوش تیپ و مرتبه! بچه پنچم مونگل هم که داره!!! از کجا وقت برای این همه کار و تلاش داره؟؟؟؟؟؟عجیبه برای من تنبل!چه خوب هم اداشو در میارند...روزهای جالبی است ما هم این جا الکشن داریم.
شاد باشی و سلامت و آخر هفته خوبی در پیش رو داشته باشی عزیزم


Nazy said...

Dear ibeebarbie:

Thanks so very much for coming to visit and for leaving comments. I came to visit your blogs once and will be sure to come back and visit again. I can never have too many friends so every new friendship is something very valuable to me.

I learned the lesson of "money doesn't bring happiness" through personal experience, a painful and important lesson, never forgotten!

Please come back and visit again!

Nazy said...

Dear, Kind, and Generous Parviz:

Baba, you kill how many birds with one stone?!!

First, let me thank YOU for putting your beautiful intellectual property in the public domain for all to enjoy and share. This is one way I think internet has helped humanity.

I miss Tehran Bazaar so much! I have been away way too long this time and I'm really homesick these days. My usual routine was to first go to Golestan Palace for my usual excursions there, get lost in history and stories, then go to the bazaar across the street, walk around timcheh, buy some nik-naks, have chelokabab at Sharaf Eslami, and head home!

And about hernia, I should say that you just added one worry to my usual ones about my health! Yesterday I got an email about a different type of breast cancer which is not detectable and all of a sudden shows up, killing its victims within a few days! Heeh! I know I have to take better care of myself, but at the same time, I'm glad I don't have enough time to be a hypochondriac!

Take it easy and have a good weekend Parviz Jan!

Nazy said...

Marzieh, Marzieh,

Where have you been?!!

I miss you so much!

Did you stop visiting or just leaving messages because I've been so bad in replying?

Please come back, I miss you my friend!

My younger son is at work and my older son is spending his precious Saturday in Traffic School because he received a citation for driving without his seatbelt on!

I found a CD which said "Irooni" and put it in the CD Player. It turned out to be a bunch of Persian rap songs my sons listened to a few years ago. I'm listening to a song called "Do Dareh Baaz" right now!! That's so cool!

In a little while I will go to a very special Namjoo concert and will write about it soon. I wished you were here and could go with me!

Have a fabulous weekend sweet Marzieh and please do come back!

Anonymous said...

سلام نازی جان مرسی از جواب شیرینت مثل همیشه لطف داری. من کمتر میام اینترنت وای همیشه سری به این جا می زنم حتی اگه نخونم.وای که چقدر از اون عکس و مطلب بچگی ات خوشم اومد نشد بنویسم برات...یادم اومد به اون شعر که که میگه:شیطنت از چشم سیات میریزه!!!
خیلی با نمک بود مرسی از این همه انرژی و وقتی که می گذاری
کاش بتونم بیشتر اشتفاده کنم

وقت به خیر

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
سابق در مدرسه موضوع انشاء می دادند:علم بهترست یا ثروت.ملت همه از دم- حتی اگر معتقد نبودند- می نوشتند:البته واضح و مبرهن است که علم چنین است و چنان و ... حالا به ما یاد میدی که:عشق بهترست از ثروت.چه درس برزگی است.جا داره که درشت روی دیوار ها بنویسن.اصلاً عشق، خودش ثروته.یادم هست که به عمادالدین نسیمی نسبت داده اند که گفته:هرچه می خواهی از خود بطلب کز تو جدا نیست خدا(البته شعر بوده است که من یادم نیست).بنابراین انسان قوه عظیمی داره که هرچه از اون ببخشه،کم نمیشه ،که زیاد هم میشه. این پستت فلسفی شده ها!
پایدار باشی

مسعود said...

سلام مرضیه خانم
رسیدن بخیر.از قدیم گفتن:النجاه فی الصدق.شما کسی نیستی که بیایی اینجا چیزی بخونی و بی سروصدا بری.شده دو کلمه بنویسی ،می نویسی.مدتی نبودی پدر جان!:بوی شراب می دهد خربزه در دهان مکن
حالا امروز که غنیمته
برقرار باشید

يكي مثه همه said...

Dear Nazy
Im back after a long time.
I missed you and you lovely posts
I just wanted to salami arz konam:)
I missed you dear