Me, Joe, and Sarah

In just under an hour, a debate between two Vice-Pesidential candidates, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, will take place. My younger son will be spending the night with his older brother down in Santa Cruz tonight. I'll have the whole house, and the TV set, all to myself to watch the debate! I hope I can figure out how to turn it on using the cable remote control! One thing is certain--this is one of the most exciting events of this year's Presidential elections in the US. Don't you agree? When the debate is over, I'll come back to write a proper post.


Anonymous said...

Nazy Jan:

Are you watching? What do you think? What are those fake smile Palin keeps flashing?!!


Nazy said...

Salam Ali Jan:

Areh, eenjam! I'm watching. She has attacked Biden so many times, but he isn't biting, and that's good. He should just talk about the issues. The smiles are fake and the coyness also.

نیلوفر said...

She was kind of good . I didn't expect :| .
I can't even imagine republican for another four years.

Nazy said...

Salam Niloofar Jan:

Yes, she exceeded expectations, but when expectations are set so low, it's not hard to exceed them!

Regardless of McCain's own shortcomings and his party's disastrous results on US economy and foreign affairs, Sarah Palin is simply not qualified for the position for which she has been nominated.

The really discouraging thing about her nomination is that after all these years and struggles for seeing women in their rightful positions of power in US politics, an unqualified woman should be the one carrying the flag.

I'm so distraught.

(Hala az in harf-ha bogzarim, halet chetoreh doost-e man?)