In The Dark

And I looked up into the blinding sunshine,
Shielding my eyes
Smiling at you,
Turning my face just in time
To hide the contortions
Giving way
to tears held back
for days
And I looked brave
And I sounded complete
And I smiled again
And I blew you a kiss
Turning around,
Waiving goodbye
Fearing your absence
Suffering your loss
Remembering your touch
Until you were gone
And I was inside
In the dark
Me and my tears
Drowning each other.

1 comment:

مسعود said...

As you turn another page..
adding a number...a new age
Looking ahead..
forced to look back
what you did...and you said
pictures...white and black
who you were..and who you are
memories..near and far
and you're here..
a smaile..a frown..a new scar

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