A Cat In My Lap

Fresh barberries, zereshk, in Karaj, Iran. Photo by Faranak Ravon, Iranian.com, October 22, 2008.
Ray the cat, and I are getting along well. I think he has come to like me! I am looking for a chance to photograph him during the day and show you his picture. He is a sweet cat, a lap cat, which means he loves hanging out on my lap! This could be a challenge as I work on the computer a lot, and his sitting on my lap means that my access to the keyboard gets somewhat restricted! Sometimes he touches the keyboard, too, typing something! All things considered, we are doing well together. Today I completed my second week living with him. With just one more week to go, I was thinking how I might miss having a cat around when I'm back at my house again! I miss my cat, Asghar. He lives in Karaj now, where the above photograph was taken by Farah.
I could use your good vibes for a professional project I am undertaking. I really need this project to go well. Please send good thoughts my way you guys! I'll give you a good shirini if it goes well! Have a good Friday you all!


Daisy said...

Salam Nazy jon,

I am already waiting for shirini. I hope everything goes as you have planned.

I love the picture you have posted. I don't think I have ever had fresh zereshk before. This is another thing added to my "to do list" for next time I visit Iran.

Have a good weekend

Nazy said...

Thank you, sweet Daisy Joonam!

You are so kind to me. I will need the vibes to do something really important and critical, and my promise of a shirini is very real!

Well, there is a good excuse for you, a young woman, who has not lived in Iran for that many years. What's my excuse?!! I had never seen fresh zereshk, either! But something tells me I should stay away from handling it too much, because most berries have serious thorns which are not fun to clean!

Speaking of Zereshk, take a look at this clip, Daisy Jan! It will crack you up! Have a nice day my friend!


Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy jounam;

I had fresh zereshk and somagh!Yum(this one when I was very young in Shahreyar gardens where my grand father used to live).I love kittens and cats.Good luck with the project and have a lovely weekend with your family and Ray the cat!


Nazy said...

Marzieh, Marzieh,

I miss you! Zeresh and Somagh...Yikes, tooorrrrsssshhh! Can't imagine it, really, if you enjoyed it that's good for me!

Thanks so much for your kind words and good vibes my friend! I could really use them right about now. Please come back again soon. I really want to be better and to reply to the comments and visit with my friends more. You, too, have a good weekend sweet Marzieh. Take care,