Fun with The Funnies!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, full of activities and events, wonderful artists, people and friends. For those of you who missed these events, I would like to share three separate reports about what's been happening in my vicinity. On Friday night, as a part of Beyond Persia's Fall for Iran week, Iranian American stand-up comics came to San Francisco to perform. I was sitting next to His Majesty, Mehran, who was a perfect companion and a gentleman (he walked me from and to my car, now you know how important that is!). We laughed so hard listening to these brilliant young performers. Picture above shows comedian Max Amini in the middle of Lale Welsh and Bruce Bahmani, founders of Beyond Persia.
This good-looking guy is K-Von, who has an American mother and an Iranian father. He was fabulous!
Max Amini, 100% Persian, and K-Von posed for me. These two and Elham Jazab had me in stiches for an hour! When they come to a venue near you, don't miss the chance to listen to them talk about their Iranian families. K-Von told me after the show that when he had "volunteered" to appear on a cooking show, he had no idea how to make zereshk polo, and when he called his Ammeh Shirin, she told him to put "one finger of water over the rice," and he was confused about whose finger size his aunt was talking about! When you watch his video clip you will see that she taught him well! And here's a clip of one of Max Amini's shows.
There was also an art gallery during the week-long event. These are Amir Salamat's paintings, and the man in the middle is ghebleh-ye alam, Ala Hazrat Hajiagha himself!
And here he is posing with Queen Lale. Mehran is a volunteer with many Beyond Persia events. My friends Mehran, Jahanshah, and Enayat posing with funny girl Elham Jazab. She is sooo funny you guys! She did a skit about Iranians and sex. It was hillarious! Watch her in an interview.

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