Me, Hafez, and A Wish

So, I woke up early this morning, missing my Hafez books. Was it the way yesterday had ended? Or did I have a dream I couldn't remember, but which was weighing on my mind? All I know is that I really needed some solace and comfort, the kind only prayers and my Khajeh can give me. As you may know by now, I have not been living in my house these days while I take care of my friends' house and cat. I didn't have access to any of my Hafez books, so I went back to the site that I had first shared with you last December, to do a fa'al*-e-Hafez. The picture above shows what I got.
Can any of you help with an interpretation? I'm a little stumped myself today. Any help will be appreciated!
Have a good Monday and a good week you guys!
fa'al means bibliomancy in Farsi.


Anonymous said...

Nazy Jan:

This poem can only be interpreted one way. You will soon hear some very good news from someone who was lost to you, but who will come back to you. A very good fal.


AA said...

A friend send me this link of Divan Hafez.