Colors of My Rainbow

Downtown Oakland, today at 4:30 p.m. I'm so proud of this photograph! The reflection of buildings facing the one ahead made beautiful art on a balmy autumn afternoon. I thought I would share. Click on the photo to see the detail.
My colleagues and I went to a business meeting this afternoon. It was a refreshing change to be in a meeting where all the people in the room knew what they were talking about! Nobody was showing off and nobody was trying to protect a turf. There were no politics in operation. It was the most peaceful meeting I had attended in ages!
Naturally, when I am peaceful, my mind starts relaxing and my imagination takes over. I can't explain how this happens, but as I am actively listening or participating in the discussions, my mind is writing things, visiting people and places, and organizing itself! I was thinking about the range of emotions I have been experiencing recently, feelings of loss, longing, joy, worry, relief, love, and yes, anger. It seems every single color of the rainbow has had a place on my heart of late. There are people I miss and I think that is the darkest of the sad colors weighing on my heart these days. There are people I love and they represent the brightest colors of my mind. I have little worries which when added together, turn me into a ball of nerves sometimes. There are hopes I enjoy these days which give me so much to look forward to, to await. Anyhow, rainbows of bursting colors were my mind's agenda during the meeting this afternoon!
For three weeks in October, I will go to look after my friends' house and cat, Ray, in Albany. I am looking forward to changing my environment and to having a pet nearby. I miss my cat, Oskie (Asghar is his Iranian name). I'm not ready to adopt another pet yet, so I continue to enjoy my friends' pets! Ray-the-Cat and I will be hanging out together soon!
I have been working on an exciting project for a few weeks now. Just as soon as I have it ready, I'll tell you all about it! I am really excited about this interview. More later. I wish you all a very good day/night wherever on this planet you happen to be right now. Think good thoughts and let your minds be painted with the bright color of love.

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Hyacinth said...

Nazy jan,

Great picture :) Loved it!

Have fun cat-sitting :) If you ever miss having a cat, you're always welcome to come visit our two little monsters :)