Wrapped in Love

My friends surprised me with an early birthday celebration this year.  I learned at the implementation stages, that Leva and Jahanshah had coordinated everyone else in a plan to "surprise" me!  The poor guy who gave away the surprise, His Majesty, got an earful from me, that is before I got into the swing of things and started enjoying myself!  This cake was quite possibly the biggest and most delicious chocolate cake I had ever seen and tasted!  The blue butterfly on top, a design my friend Jahanshah had picked, resembles the blue butterfly which is my avatar when I write on Iranian.com.  I was touched by my friends' kindness and generosity one more time.  And so, my week-long birthday celebrations continue!  Well, since it's inevitable to grow old, perhaps it's better to do it with the help of our friends, wrapped in love (you know the Molana poem which says "I am wrapped in love," or dar asheghi pichideh-am?)
The best part of my life has always been the part in which I have been wrapped in love, surrounded by loving friends and family, and people who would give me a chance to love them.  Do you realize what a great gift people give us when they let us love them?  It has happened very infrequently, but the few times in my life when I loved someone who didn't let me show that love, my life has been poorer and bereft of joy and light for it.  Am I making sense to you?  Let people love you.  Let them show you their love.  You are giving a great gift to them and to yourself at the same time.
Anyhow, I would much rather celebrate every day of life as opposed to making a big deal out of just one day, birthdays.  But the spontaneous separate birthday celebrations continue all the way through next Monday, immersing  me in kindness and generosity, wrapping me in love.
I know what true bliss in life is--it is a life full of friendships and love, and a home filled with peace and joy of life.  I have it all, I'll have you know.  I do. 


آدم گلابی said...

haaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday Nazi joon.
thanks heaven for people like you and as i usually say:
مرسی که به دنیا اومدین!

people like you make this world a better place the only thing is that we dont have enough of your like.

in light and love
from the very bottom of my heart

Vahid said...

It was a great night and thank you for having us, as usual. Hope you always be around for us. You know we all love you, and that's why you feel that way! They call it true love!

Happy Birthday Nazy Joon!

Daisy said...

Happy early Birthday Nazy joon.
That was one delicious looking cake.

I don't know the Molana poem which you were referring to. I only know that you've such a big heart and you deserve nothing but being wrapped in LOVE all the time. I hope all your days be as jolly as this one. Happy Birthday!

(can you post the entire poem please)

Azita said...

Happy Birthday Nazy Jan, Tavalodet Mobarak!

May you always be "Wrapped in Love".

You have such a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing yourself and your stories with all of us. Your desire to make a difference in this world is a gift to others. I’m glad that you blog and I am glad you were born.

What a Beautiful cake!!

رهنورد said...

سلام نازی جان.
تولدت مبارک.
آرزو می‌کنم همیشه در عاشقی پیچیده و شاد و سربلند باشی نازی مهربان و دوست داشتنی. دوستت دارم و از دور می‌بوسمت دوست نازنین من...

Hyacinth said...

Nazy jan,

Happy Birthday. Wishing you a lovely year filled with health and happiness, love and laughter.

That cake looks amazing :)

jeerjeerak said...

Nazy joon e azizam,
From miles aways, i send you a big warm hug and a shy little kiss for your birthday. May your blue butterfly get to visit the most beautiful flowers in her journey:)
Have a very happy birthday, my friend.

ساعت شنی said...

Happy birthday Nazy joon,
I wish a year full of love and peace.

NeghNeghoo said...

Happy birthday
May your life be filled with hapiness

مسعود said...

پيش پريشان مكن از پي آشوب من
زلف گره بر گره جعد شكن بر شكن

اي ز رخت برده نور فر كلاه سپهر
وي ز لبت برده آب رنگ عقيق يمن

از لب تو شرم داشت مايهء مل در قدح
وز رخ تو بوي برد دايهء گل در چمن

جادوي استاد را پيش دو بادام تو
بسته شود پسته‌وار تيغ زبان در دهن

گردون هم عاشقست بر تو كه هر صبحدم
در هوس روي تو پاره كند پيرهن

چون به دهانت رسيد هيچ نبيند خرد
چون به ميانت رسيد بيش نماند سخن

در چمن روي تو غلتان غلتان رود
مردمك چشم من بر گل و بر ياسمن

ار چه نيارد برون همچو سنايي دگر
گردش اين هفت مرد جنبش اين چار زن

تا نشود چشم زخم خيز بگردان يكي
جان چو ما صدهزار گرد سر خويشتن

عيدي خواهي ز ما بيش زيادي مخواه
هيچ نبايد ترا از من و مانند من

در شب ميلاد او دايهء دولت چه گفت
آمد بانگ خروس »اذهب عنا الحزن‌«

صبح زمانه فروز از پي بدخواه اوست
هم به زبان تلخ گوي هم به نفس تيغ زن

اي به سخا دست تو ابر سعادت فشان
وي به هنر كلك تو برق ستاره فگن

گر چه به گاه سخن در بچكانم همي
سود ندارد كه من عرش بسنجم به من

سلام نازی خانم
تولدتان مبارک

آنچه آمد بخشی از قصیده سنایی غزنویست . برقرار باشید

يكي مثه همه said...

نازي جووووووووووووونم
تولدت مبارك باشه
به اميد همه خوشيها و لذتها و عشقها و آرامشهاي دنيا براي تو كه اينهمه همه خوبيها رو براي همه آرزو مي كني.
هميشه شاد و خندون باشي

Mojgan said...

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, generous, thoughtful, warm and kind-hearted friend Nazy.
I wish you the best birthday and a great year that is full of warmth, love, smiles and success.
You deserve nothing less!