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Jaleh Etemad's "Girl Sobs," from the Spark of Life series, Iranian.com, September 27, 2008.
My little sister laughed. Her lips and her tongue were purple with the stain of the mulberries (toot), picked fresh from the towering trees in our front yard. The sun's reflection on her auburn hair created the image of her beautiful hair in flames of changing colors as her small frame kept moving, bending and shifting. She was laughing and telling me something, when time stopped long enough to file her image in my head among other images there, filed under "Love," and then catapulting us forward by several decades, landing us in October 2008. I watched her now from across the room, as her face lit up in a big smile and her auburn hair caught the reflections of light from the window, seeing the purple lips in my mind.


! said...

wow ...
such a wonderful painting

Robert said...

And a beautiful word painting, too! :)
A wonderful Tuesday to you!


Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy jan,

Thank you for your lovely note. I also missed you and your wonderful posts soooo much. I love this place. Your words and writings deliver so much energy and joy to from miles a way.
By readig your recent post I felt I am also there and looking at your sister. You describe so great with details that it feels I am seeing what you had on mind...

Have a wonderful week,

Nazy said...

Farshad, Farshad,

Where have you been?!!

Heech maloom hast to kojaee baba? Delam barat tang shod!

Nazy said...

Dear Sweet Robert:

Thank you my loyal friend! Coming from you, the compliment means a lot to me. You are awesome!

Nazy said...

Dearest Pardis:

Thank you. I'm glad you have started coming back to visit me. I have missed you. YOUR words always cheer me up my friend! How is life my sweet Shirazi friend?