1:00 p.m. On A Beautiful Day

Today I had to run to San Francisco Airport to pick up a dear package, containing two works of art for which I have been waiting for months (I will say no more, because I want to tell you about it in a happy piece soon, containing pictures, words, sentiments, and all—so please no pushing and pulling for getting it out of me sooner than I’m ready!). Though I feel harried these days, with too many commitments and deadlines hanging over my head, I felt really happy and positive today, as it is such a beautiful and warm day in the Bay Area. So, if you want to know just how brazen (por-rou) I am, take a look at this picture. Please note:

  • I am not a good photographer.
  • I don’t have a good camera.
  • I am not a good driver.
  • I just had that car accident, and at the time of the accident I wasn’t even doing anything (you know, I wasn’t talking on the phone, talking to someone in the car, smoking, changing CD’s—I was not doing anything other than driving when I ran into that car in front of me).

So, I know you would appreciate my por-rougi when you see that this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. I took a picture with one hand, without focusing or looking at my subject, from inside a moving car, through the closed window. Not bad, ha? I did it to show you that it is a day to love living in the Bay Area. It is a good day to be me.


Mehran said...

Nazy jan,,, please be careful, hanoz araghe tasadofe avali khoshk nashode,
yeah the weather is so warm, it is odd for here, i love it tho

Nazy said...

Thanks Mehran Jan. I will be careful, though anyone who ever rides in my car, eventually tells me to "step on it!" The weather situation is all about global warming. We might actually have a draught in Northern California this year, as rainfalls have been low. I hope you do well on your tests, and that we can celebrate afterwards (you know, jashn-o-soroor, dast-afshani, Pai-koobi, etc.). Be good.