Rasht Bazar

Continuing to seek refuge in images and thoughts that look familiar......This is a picture of Rasht Bazaar--one of the most wonderful places in the world for me. Though I am not Rashti, as you know by now, I am a self-sanctioned "Honarary Rashti," having travelled there tens of times. I will write about it someday. The cheese shown on the left is called Siahmizgi cheese, which is sharp and dry and very delicious. Surprisingly enough, this picture and the ones in its series,were taken for Iranian.com by none other than one Hossein Derakhshan on a trip he took to Rasht in 2001!


hamed said...

in shomal kolan in jorihe.khob inam az khosh shansi mast.ama agar ghadr bedanim.
shad bashi

Nazy said...

Salam Hamed Jan. Do you live in Shomal? Kojaye shomal zendegi mikoni? Gilan ya Mazandaran? Man kehili dar Gilan safar kardeh am va ba anja ashenaee daram, albatteh Mazandaran ra ham az bechegi rafteh am, amma Gilan ra zarfe chand sale akhir shenakhteam. Kheili zibast va mardomane khoobi ham darad, kheili mehraban va sadegh hastand va besyar khosh saligheh dar hameh chiz! Man ghadre gooshe gooshe ye Iran ra midanam Hamed Jan. Shadbash o dirzi! (az shoma yad gereftam!).

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam:

The Best side dish for Aragh (Liqueur)is indeed Rodbar's Zeytoon(Olive), Local Cheese, and Smoked fish-eggs(Ashpal).

Nazy said...

Well, Ms. Food Connoseiur Tameshk! Sounds even more interesting now that you have added your expert local knowledge about it! I think Rashti's know how to eat, as their cuisine is the most delightful of all Iranian cooking, in my opinion. Through persistence, I now know how to make Anarbij and a few other things! Thanks for coming and thank you particularly for your beautiful, poignant poem, Tameshk Jan. You rock.