Last December*, my friend Kathy and I went to see Eva Yerbabuena Ballet Flamenco perform in Bereley’s Zellerbach. Certainly, as beautiful and moving as I find the flamenco, I understand that appreciating it is an acquired taste. I love the music, which is sad and sweet and full of energy, and I adore the dance, which is so poetic and is able to convey such a wide range of emotions. Of course, I certainly don’t want to say that I know that much about it artistically, as I am just a loving spectator of music and dance. I watch it and I feel it. That’s all. Eva Yerbabuena is one of the new generation of Spain’s Flamenco artists, who have introduced innovation and new interpretation in their dance. She is a world-class dancer, and recipient of Spain’s most prestigious dance award (the Premio Nacional de Danza). Eve and the dancers and musicians of her group sizzled the stage at Zellerbach during that performance. Watch this if you’d like to see what she does--watch her feet any chance you get, she is amazing, especially towards the end. I loved watching her perform and will go back again when she comes to Berkeley, as she frequently does. Enjoy. *(Quite by accident, I deleted several entries I had written in December and January. I am trying to reconstruct the worthwhile ones here.)

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