Eric Clapton-Old Love

I can feel your body When I'm lying in bed There's too much confusion Going around through my head And it makes me so angry To know that the flame still burns Why can't I get over? When will I ever learn? Old love, leave me alone Old love, go on home I can see your face But I know that it's not real It's just an illusion Caused by how I used to feel And it makes me so angry To know that the flame will always burn I'll never get over I know now that I'll never learn I saw Eric Clapton perform in England in 1998, when he was on tour, promoting his Pilgrim album. The man is awesome. I have so many memories of his songs living, loving, dancing, losing, finding, suffering, crying, and dreaming. He never gets old for me. His guitar….his guitar plays on my heart, every emotion filled accord plays on my heart, it does. He rules. Take a look at this clip of the song, though his "Unplugged" rendition of the song remains my most favorite version.


Assal said...

I am pleased to learn about a good new song! Thank You

Nazy said...

Hi Assal Jan! Not so new, I'm afraid, but I promise you, a beautiful song.