Touched by An Angel

I am working on a hard speech for Miss Phyllis’ memorial service which will be tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. I have already started writing it, but will continue working on it tonight. I so want to do a good job for my friend, and I hope it is a speech Phyllis would like. I will read a chapter again from Jibran Khalil Jibran’s The Prophet, talk some about her and her friends at work, and close with a poem from Maya Angelou, Touched by an Angel. I have a lot of stress, but I want to do this. It seems to be such a small tribute to a very good person who has left a big void in so many lives. I know I can't do anything about the accent, but there is a lot I can do with the love.


serendip said...

She was blessed to have had a friend like you. I think it was Queen Elizabeth who said, "Grief is a Price we pay for love."

Nazy said...

A poignant remark, Serendip! It was an amazing service today. I was one of the two colleagues and friends on the program, and it was hard to deliver the speech I had painstakingly prepared. Later everyone said they had enjoyed our tributes. The Baptist Minister was a very capable and caring man. He listened to our speeches carefully and used bits of what Catie, a Roman Catholic, and I said to continue his sermon, which promoted a beautiful air to the memorial. In the tradition of their belief, they opened the casket at the end, but I didn't have the heart to go look at the beautiful Phyllis sleeping there. The minister reminded us all that Phyllis is the lucky one to have finished her mission on earth and that we should be sad not for her, but for us who will have to still wait to finish our work before we can go to heaven. Somehow those words eased things for everyone who was trying to make sense of our untimely loss. It was a beautiful memorial. They gave me and Catie each a white carnation corsage to wear on our jackets, making us members of Phyllis' family in appearance. I so loved that.

serendip said...

I'm glad you could be there to say your final farewell.