Trip Down *#@%$%^ Memory Lane

Without a doubt, Si-o-Seh Pol (which means “33 Bridges”) over Zayandeh River in Isfahan, is one of the most prized national monuments of Iran, a feat of architecture of its own time (built in 1602). Since I was a child and went to visit my aunt and uncle and my cousins in Isfahan, and later taking sightseeing and romantic trips there as an adult, I have walked on this bridge (driving is prohibited) hundreds of times, looking on the gorgeous city of Isfahan and Zayandehrood with interest, pride, and love. Seeing its picture early this morning, though, has reminded me of memories I don’t feel like I want to celebrate right now. Si-o-Se Pol was not welcome this morning.


Siah said...

yeah, thats a nice bridge :)

Nazy said...

Siah Jan:

Thanks for coming and for leaving a comment. I think all Iranians (and quite a few non-Iranians) have fond memories of Isfahan and 33-Pol. I think what is the most remarkable about this monument is that it isn't just visited by tourists and visitors. Every night, on the warmer side of the year, the bridge is covered with crowds of Isfahanis and their families, going for a walk on their beloved monument. 33-Pol makes me so proud in so many ways. Be good and come back. I have been visiting your blog and really enjoy your easy humor. Take care.