Free Ali Farahbakhsh, Prisoner of Conscience

He continues to remain imprisoned after five months. Let's not forget about him. Here's my previous post and article about him: http://nazykaviani.blogspot.com/2007/04/for-ali-farahbakhsh.html Photo from Hanif Mazrooee Blog: http://hanif.ir/


serendip said...

Dear Nazy: I linked to your post regarding this poor soul.

Nazy said...

Dear Serendip. Thanks so much for caring. Some days I feel so overwhelmed with the injustice of it all. I think social responsibility, if you truly believe in it and take it seriously, could be such an exhausting effort, taking almost Herculean will to continue, alongside your other responsibilities to your family, profession, and livelihood. On those days I have to think that with my limited resources and energy, what would be the one thing I would choose on which to concentrate. Which of the many plights of humanity would I choose about which to do something? Every time I come back to freedom. Freedom is the foundation of human progress and excellence. Freedom is the basis upon which all other shortcomings and ills can be overcome. I vote for freedom every time.

serendip said...

Electifying comment as always. Nazy jan, to be honestly frank, I'm ready to give up...everyday I find out new information that is more disheartning than the previous day. The IR bears the seeds of destruction in itself by not giving people more social and economic freedom. Can you imagine if they only did that, they wouldn't have to be perpetually in a state of anxiety and paranoi of being toppled from withi or by a foreign power. For they would have the full support of their citiznery. Why is this so hard for the IR to comprehend?