Hamadan Ceramics Shop (in Lalehjin)

Source: http://www.salamiran.org/CT/Tourism/Map/hamadan/


Il grande chef said...

Very interesting blog!

Leva said...

Ha Ha
Vahid's grandparents are still living in Lalejin!
Good to see some pictures of there.

Nazy said...

Il Grande Chef:

Thank you for coming to visit and thank you for the compliment. I would take kisses from a Great Chef, too! Are you really a chef? Come again and tell me more about yourself!

Nazy said...

Leva, how delightful! I know Vahid mentioned about Hamadan, but I didn't realize from which parts! That's fabulous. He might like the ending of this "identity" piece, then! I am sitting here smiling at the revealation! Small, small world.