خط سهراب سپهري «. . . آدم چه دير مي‌فهمد. من چه دير فهميدم که انسان يعني عجالتا.» From: http://www.parand.se/


Tameshk said...

Nazy joon

last week I was checking series of Sohrab's paintings collected in a book. It is nice to see how calming his handwriting is.
The coming week is one of my busiest weeks ever. Can't wait for it to finish.


Nazy said...

Tameshk Jan: Thanks for coming to visit. Last week there was news about the auction of Sohrab's paintings in Tehran. As you know, I don't believe in ownership of works of art of artists who now belong to humanity. Their works must not be in any one person's house, regardless of their wealth or love for art. Those works must be kept in a place where everyone can see them. Sohrab's sister has given 400+ of his paintings to Kashan Museum. I think Sohrab would like that. One of the little sketches I'm working on is about when I went to his gravesite in Mashad-e-Ardahal just outside of Kashan. He continues to live through the imagination and hope of millions or Iranians, my beloved poet, whom I call a "Happy Forough." I hope you do well on your exams my dear. Be good.

haji washington said...


Nazy said...

Thanks for coming to visit Haji Jan! I am touched.