Is Her Hejab Proper Now?

My heart weeps and my eyes won't close at night. I feel like the whole world's weight is on my shoulders, pulling me down, keeping me from taking one more step ahead. Who that girl is matters not. She could be me; she could be my daughter, my sister, my niece--she could be any Iranian woman. I am wondering though, doesn't she look surprisingly calm for someone who was injured brutally just a few minutes ago? Why isn't she hysterical at the sight of blood running down her face? Could it be, that if all of those Iranian women were to bleed from the face, they would all look so calm, simply because they have been bleeding even harder from their hearts and dignities all these years, and this is nothing by comparison? I just have one question of that gentleman to her left, the valiant what is he, a colonel? Does he like her hejab now? Is it better now than when he first met her a few minutes ago? Does she have proper Islamic cover now? Later tonight, is he going to go home feeling really accomplished and good about what he did at work today? Is he going to hug his little girl, telling her what great things he achieved today? Would he consider bringing her to work with him one of these days, to see what her father does for a living? I am heartsick and nothing feels good right now.


Tameshk said...

Nazy joonam

It is awful; I am devastated.

Nazy said...

Tameshke Azize Delam:

Yes, it is. When I see my fellow countrymen and women capable of blind violence against one another, my heart aches with the shame of it. It means that our happiness as a nation is a little farther away than I had hoped. It is a sad realization azizam.

mitra said...

Hi Nazy jan,

Thanks for the informative responses to my comment on your April 27th post.
I was about to write this comment yesterday when I came upon your post and the many pictures on the Internet regarding the recent events in Iran.
After seeing the pics I could hardly say "hello", let alone write a cheerful little note regarding the memories of Tehran and one of our favorite foods!
The subject at hand became so irrelevant.
I will stop by every now and then, and perhaps when there's a little breeze of humanity in the air, I can then leave you a comment regarding the past and be jovial about it.
Best of luck

P.S. You have a wonderful blog.

Nazy said...

Dear Wonderful Mitra: How sweet and compassionate you seem! And a night owl, too, like me! Thanks for coming to visit again. Yes, these are hard days for all. We must do all that we can, within our limited resources, to acknowledge that we see, we feel, and we care. I am one to reminisce senselessly about the past, and to look almost too optimistically to the future. Looking at this world that has become so small, thanks to internet, I can see that there are so many beautiful and bright Iranians whose hearts are all in the right place, and that is good news, very good news. Come back again my friend. Be good.