I think pictures can be so powerful. If ever I see a disturbing picture, the image haunts me for days. I have brave blogger friends who post pictures and videos of people being tortured, stoned, and executed all the time. I can’t bear to look at them, because I won’t be able to forget them for a long time. At an airport somewhere, I once opened a book about Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, and the book opened to an image I don’t want to describe here, but which haunts me to this day. This morning I was thinking to myself what image would make me happy, or might help overlap the horrible images of news of recent days in my mind, so that I can get them aside to be able to function? I thought of Damavand…my Dive Sepide Pai Dar Band*…. I searched for pictures of it, but with my limited time, I couldn’t get very far. So, I am posting this picture which Fariba Mobargheie posted in Iranian.com a couple of weeks ago (it is a nice picture, but I could do without the cables in it). Looking at it gives me strength and hope. I hope it does the same for you. Now I must go to an all-day retreat somewhere far from phones, computers and internet. Enjoy your day. *From a poem by Shariyar

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