Bloggers' Game

Sweet Leva has invited me to participate in the newest Iranian bloggers' game. I am honored and touched, as I have never been invited to any such thing! For those of you who don't know how this works, a blogger (has to be one of the better-established ones for people to pay attention), thinks of a new game, writes the question, answers it, and then invites several others to answer the same question. Except for the first person, no one can participate in this game, unless they are invited (very classist). Once invited, most bloggers oblige. Blog audiences also keep tabs on who got invited and usually make a point of reminding bloggers that they have been invited to participate. The game which was done over the Winter Solstice (Shabe Yalda, the longest night of the year, an event celebrated by Iranians with many different rituals), for example, asked bloggers to name five "facts" about themselves that nobody else knew before. Or, the one before this, was to look at each blogger's "wish list." So, this time, the question is: Name people who have had significant influence in your life. I thank Leva for her kind invitation, and will oblige soon. Oh boy, I feel like I am preparing a speech for my OSCAR award! Hahaha!

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