Identity-Episode Four

Eight months ago, I asked my friend who runs a successful interior decorating business in Tehran, whether he could locate any Ahanchi works. Shortly thereafter, I received an email with two pictures as enclosures. One of them was another copy of the same Ahanchi work in my home in Tehran. The other was a continuation of that theme, displaying Lalehjin’s Pottery Market in which blue bowls and vases and such were presented for sale. I was so delighted I asked him to buy them for me and wait for further instructions. The flat, framed sculptures are huge and heavy and several attempts by relatives coming to these parts to bring them along were unsuccessful. Another dear friend finally had them shipped to me and I went to take delivery of them in San Francisco Airport last week. When I brought them home, breaking their wooden crate and pulling them out, I felt reunited with the dearest of friends! I jumped up and down with delight, dancing a dance of joy around the two of them in my humble home in the Bay Area. I felt that I had brought a piece of my lost identity, something I had been forced to leave behind, into my life. I felt I can now truly start my new life, with all my “essentials” on board.
(To be continued...just one more post, I promise!)


Assal said...

Oh My God! I am so happy because in the previous post, I wrote "I hope one day you again cross paths with your lost artwork"! How wonderful for you.

Nazy said...

Tee Hee Hee! Wait for the last post Assal Jan!