Enveloped With Love

With Wanda, Photo by Kathleen
I went to my friend Wanda's birthday celebration last Saturday. It was an Afternoon Tea Party. Wanda has been my friend for 24 years. She is warm, wise, and wonderful. I have learned so much from her about American life, politics, race issues, jazz, and people. Our friendship history holds laughs, tears, disagreements, and jubilations. Old friendships are like old robes, I hold. You can wear anything around your house, but you reach for your old robe to envelope you and hug you and just "be familiar" and comfortable, keeping you warm and content. I sat in the beautiful courtyard of Bates House with Wanda and Wanda's other friends. For those few hours, the real world felt so far away and there was no worry, no pain, and no anxiety, for in the company of old friends, I was enveloped with love.


http://www.hajiagha.com/ said...

Such a beautiful picture. My favorite English teacher was an African-American lady. she was wonderful teacher. I have learned alot from her.
BTW thanks for the aleph-null concert I had such great time.

Siah said...

twenty four years, sounds like a life

shobeir said...

I guess Wanda herself is a complete internet!
Wanda is WWW (She is warm, wise, and wonderful):D
btw You were friends since my birthday! :D

Pardis said...

Nazy jan,
I am so happy that you have had a great weekend.
Something funny about my weekend: I was invited to a place which I only knew the host and no one else, and when we arrived there after a two hour drive, I was so surprised to meet more than 30 new people. I am still confuesd about the names!! But meeting old friends always have a great feeling. Friends that you know and have great memories with.

My classes will start in a week but I love your blog so much that I have planned to come here as often as I can.

Best wishes,

Nazy said...

Bah Bah Bah! His Royal Majesty himself! You decided to come in your full regalia this time Ala Jan?! Your occasional "ordinay man's visits" to my humble blog were just fine with me my friend. So, to what do I owe this fabulous treat? I personally think you pushed the wrong button, but that's O.K. I will use the mistake for entertainment purposes! Yes, it was a very good time, indeed, though having a hotdog afterwards, you did not look terribly "Royal!"

Alahazrata--tazim arz mishavad! Sayeh-ye molookaneh mostadam....

Nazy said...

Siah Jan: When you left that comment, did you intend to make me feel old?! Ha ha ha! Yes, it is a lifetime, 24 years. We have seen so much together and the memories are numerous. We get together some days and talk about some of those memories and laughing our heads off. It is a true blessing to have friends. Be good Siah.

Nazy said...

Shobeir Jan: You and Siah are checking to see whether I'd bite with this age business, right? You guys can't make me feel old! Because I'm not old, you are young! I am so lucky to have crammed so much life into the years that I have lived!

Be good Shobeir and do come back soon.

Nazy said...

Salam Pardis Jan. I think we should make an effort to have both: hold on to our old friends if we can (the tendency is to slip apart), and acquire new friends and friendships wherever we can.

Whenever you come you make me happy Pardis. I wish you best of luck in your education. What are you studying? Where do you live? If you feel comfortable, tell us a little bit about yourself, or send me an email if you like. It's always very nice when I know something about the person behind the comment. I won't disclose anything people don't want known. Be good Pardis Jan and take care.

serendip said...

This is for you:

hand reaches out through the despair
No questions asked - no judgments made
From the depths, her light clears the darkness
Her soft smile brings with it a warmth
A gentle, knowing look - and hope rises.

No words need be spoken
An unconditional love is seen
Her compassion - brings me strength
Lightening the once heavy burdens.

I emerge from the darkness whole,
With the knowledge
That one true friend will be at my side
As we travel the hills and valleys
And continue our walk down the path of life.

Poem by Justine Thyme

Siah said...

Shobeir Jaan, are you the shobeir from "Iranican"?

مانا said...

چه عکس قشنگی.یه دنیا معنا توی این عکس نهفته است.پر انرژی باشی

Nazy said...

My Dear Serendip:

What a beautiful poem. Thank you. Only someone who can see with her heart can tie something she read somewere with something she saw somewhere else, seeing the relationship clearly. I am touched.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Mana! Thank you my dear for looking and seeing. Peace with you azizam.

ا. ش said...

سلام بر سرزمینی که آدم بر آن فرود آمد! ‏
با آن شعر هم‌آوا می‌شوم:‏

در میان نومیدی دست می‌گشاید،
نه در پی پرسشی‌‌ست، نه در مسند داوری‌.‏
روشنایی‌ او قلب تاریکی را می‌زداید،
لبخند شیرینش گرما می‌بخشد؛
نگاهی آگاه و مهربان ... و امید سربرمی‌آورد.‏

نیاز به بیان هیچ واژه‌ای نیست،
عشقی راستین در پیش روست.‏
غم‌خواری او به من توان می‌بخشد
تا بار سنگین مسئولیت خویش را سبک سازم.‏

من یک‌سر از تاریکی برون آمده‌ام،
و می‌دانم
که چون راه در نشیب و فرازها بسپاریم،
در تداوم گام نهادن در ژرفای مسیر زندگی،
آن یگانه دوست واقعی در کنارم خواهد بود. ‏

Nazy said...

Alef Shin Jan. Va Salam Bar To!What a beautiful translation of the poem Serendip had left. For a couple of minutes I didn't realize what it was! It certainly can stand alone as a lovely poem in Farsi the way you wrote it. Thank you.

Shobeir said...

Dear Nazy, I am not young and you are not old, we are standing out of time :D

To Siah: Nop man I'm not Shobeir Shobeiri, I am shobeir Seddigh :)

ا. ش said...

An exposition: You are timeless, dear Nazy; your being is timeless. This is what Shobeir wants to tell you!

shobeir said...

LoL thanx dear alef shin.
Yes you are very correct!

Nazy said...

Dear Shobeir and Alef Shin: Thank you both for the clarification, though I must say none was necessary as I had understood Shobeir and I was merely joking with him and with Siah! Those who know me know my very humorous/philosophical look on age and aging! I do believe age is a state of mind. If you feel old, you are old! Be good you two.