Wake Up Call

In our household, between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. three similar-sounding yet different alarms go off to wake us up. We only have one morning person in our midst. My younger son and I are not morning people. I heard my older son try to wake up his brother this morning after the alarms had gone off and some of us (!) refused to get up. He said: "Bidar sho dadash." Lying in my bed still tired from having gone to bed so late after a long day last night, and not ready yet to face another long day today, I thought to myself whether I had ever heard them calling each other "dadash"* before. I am sure I had never heard the two of them call each other "dadash"--well almost sure. When did they start using that word in addressing each other? How had I missed it? They both got up, fought like crazy like they always do (you know, "Where did you put the gel?", "Why did you stain my pants?" , "Get out of the shower!," that kind of thing), and they left. Oh, I think I forgot to report that the two of them now have their own car! Though I'm running late again this morning, I'm sitting here wondering what other good thing is going on around me which I am not hearing and knowing about? Have a good Thursday you all.
*Dadash means brother in Farsi (I think it has Turkish roots, but I'm not sure. It's equivalent to "bro'" as opposed to "brother."
Here's a picture I took myself when we went to visit my nephew in Stanford a few months ago. My sister has kindly held the branch so I can get a good view. I give this picture to all of you who participated in the discussions of this week. You gave me the best blogging experience since I started. You made me proud.


Leva said...

Oh. it works!!!
I mean your comment Doony!
It is almost impossible Nazy janam. It was exactly yesterday afternoon, when I got home and Raha was playing with my laptop and he was lying in our couch. I looked at him and remembered two words ( Aji & Dadash). I rememberd that Mona used to call me Aji! and I use to answer her back Aji joon Too!
Oh . it was long time ago. Now whenever I call Raha, I said " hey wat up hustle?) and ( chetori jigar to me beloved sister).

By the way, I am happy they finally got a ride. Do you think there is chance for me to get invitation for a ride from the older one?

To Nazy's reader: you gotta see both of them, they are so sexy!! whenever i see the older one, I almost forget that I am married. I mean that much.
ooff. it is hot here!!!

ا. ش said...

چیزی که من می بینم مهر یک مادر است که با طراوت و نشاط آن گل پیوند خورده. اگر ما در گزینش آن تصویر سهیم بوده ایم، در بخشی از آن مهر هم خودمان را سهیم می دانیم. تجربه ی بی نظیری است نه؟

Shobeir said...

What a pity I can never feel your unique experience....

Nazy said...

Thank you for that sweet comment Leva Jan. I'm sure they would love to give you a ride, since they like you and Vahid so much. Truth be told, I am still waiting to see if they would invite me for a drive around the block! Hee Hee.

'm so glad you can leave comments now. The problem with comments for Blogspot might have to do with firewalls, I am told. Thank you so much for coming. See you soon!

Nazy said...

Alef Shin Jan. Salam. It is rather interesting. This is quite possibly the only picture I ever took of a flower! I had saved it for a special occasion, and here it is!

Nazy said...

Shobeir, The Poet, Salam! You feel so many unique experiences as shown in your poems! They are so beautiful. I'll comment about them separately. Have a good day.

SERENDIP said...

Pretty in pink. I love this flower.

How sweet those words must have sounded first thing in the mornign; symbolic of coming of age. A beautiful milestone to celebrate as a mom.

LoL @Leva. They are cutie pies.

Nazy said...

Serendip! You are amazing. I just knew you would know what that flower was called. You know so much about horticulture.

Thank you for your kind sentiments about my kids. My older son likes to cut his hair very short all year-round. This summer he let his hair grow. He was looking different and I had to get used to it. Kiddingly, he told me last week that he was contemplating cutting his hair into a mohawk. We laughed about it. When he showed up in a mohawk the other night I was flabbergasted! He lived with it for two days and shaved it off yesterday, having properly gotten it out of his system! Man, I am relieved! A long time ago, I had to decide to respect each of them as a free and independent individual, free to choose their clothes and their appearance, and make choices. The only thing I ever insist on is their studies. I assure you these two characters behave a lot better in my blog than they do in real life! Be good Serendip.