First of Several Posts This Friday

I fed my sons and several of their friends a family meal tonight. It felt good to brush up on my domestic skills! As I sat down to prepare my Friday post, paying attention to do a good job of it, as I love writing my Friday posts, I realized that I might have too many items on my list! When my posts get long, or when there are too many items on them, I fear that I will bore you too much. I will then try something new this week—several independent posts. This might make leaving comments specific to the post easier, too. Do let me know if you find it too disconcerting to have to look at several posts here in one day! Here's wishing you all a good weekend. Be good to yourselves and to those you love. If you love them, tell them. It never hurts to say it and hear it one more time. Really. Try it.


serendip said...

I'm glad you're back blogging and writing instead of cooking. I missed you...hahaha

Nazy said...

Serendip Jan: I'm glad, too! The irony of my chef business is that I love to cook Iranian food, and my kids don't particularly want to eat Iranian food given a choice. So, the special request was, would you believe it, fried chicken, Bolognese potatoes (did you see the movie "Midnight Run?"), and fresh vegetables!

I'm glad I'm back at my keyboard, too! After I made all those posts, this morning I remembered a whole lot of other things I wanted to write about! I may just have to keep writing them this weekend, as I'm full of thoughts and words, it seems! Take care my friend.