Torkman girl at a wedding in Bandar Torkman, Photo by Hamed Khorshidi, Fars
I love reading. When I read I feel so happy and peaceful all the time. This weekend I realized I hadn't been able to read for such a long time. I spend very long days working and writing and what not, and by the time I haul myself to bed, I am so tired I pass out. I miss my poor neglected books. So, I have started to read something beautiful, something I have had for a long time, but have always put off reading, because it comes in seven volumes and to take it on would require a long-term commitment. It's Nader Ebrahimi's Atash Bedoone Dood. When I was in high school, a television series was aired based on this novel, which takes place in Torkman Sahra. I loved those names and those characters and that story, looking forward to watching it every week. Beautiful memories in mind and an excellent novel on hand, I get to it. If it's report worthy, I will let you know. I have a feeling it will be.
Take a look at the entire photo set here. I think it would make you happy!


Farideh said...

I remember the series very well! Where did you get the books? Were they published in US or in Iran?

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Farideh!

Welcome. The first time I heard the names Soulmaz and Maral, now fairly common Iranian female names, was in this series. The series was done very well, with romantic and poignant twists. I wished I knew Azari, so I could understand what all the names mean, because every one of them has a meaning. I remember one, "Glan Oja" which means born at night. The music made for the series was also quite memorable.

I bought the books in Tehran, a fifth edition, Rouzbehan Publishers, Tehran, 66408667.

In the first page there is an old Torkman saying: "Atash bedoone dood namishavad, javan bedoone gonah." A fire cannot be without smoke, and a youth without sin.

Be good Farideh Jan and thanks for the email. Come again.

jeerjeerak said...

Salam nazy joonam. thanks for paging me, lol! A long weekend getaway happened all of a sudden! i just came back and funny thing that i was in the middle of writting something:)

Nazy said...

I'm glad you were having fun Jeer Jan! I'll come and read you soon.