Scattered Thoughts

Ilam's Samireh Region. Photo by Hossein Khadang, IRNA
  1. Berkeley Lecture Series will host a talk by Dr. Julie Scott Meisami, Scholar of Near Eastern Languages on the topic of “The Mad Lover: the 'Romance' of Layli and Majnun," on Sunday, August 26, 2007 at 4:00 p.m. at 110 Barrows Hall, University of California, Berkeley. The lecture will be in English. Here's a map of how to get there. Dr. Meisami is a well-known researcher and author. She has taught at Tehran Univesity, Oxford, and Harvard.
  2. On Saturday, September 22nd, there will be a gathering entitled "Iranians on the Internet," featuring Northern California bloggers, Iranian.com's Jahanshah Javid, and Balatarin's Mehdi Yahyanejad. It will be an opportunity for local audiences to meet people behind the internet pages, and to build new friendships. The gathering will be from 9 a.m. unil 5 p.m. in California State University, San Francisco, and will be sponsored by CSUSF's Iranian Students Association. If you live in this area, it would be so nice to see you there. More details later.
  3. Students are back and classes will start on Monday. Berkeley is once again bustling with activity and young people. I am reminded yet again how exciting it is to belong to a university community.
  4. My boss is on vacation and in addition to my responsibilities, I have to interact with many colleagues, university donors, and staff on her behalf these days. My mind has to stay alert at all times. No daydreaming this week or next. I am not sure I like it much when I can't daydream.
  5. I am considering quitting smoking, again. Sigh.
  6. My reading is coming along beautifully. I wished I could say the same thing about my writing. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do it all, especially if there is no daydreaming.
That's it for now. Be good you all.


Anonymous said...

ok, finally I could open comment parts.
thanks for information dear nazy.
I am excited for gathering in 22nd of sept, I will be there hopefully and ENSHALLAH!
say Hi to everybody.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Aghaye Bayramali! It's so good to hear from you. I left you a comment, asking you to do some things for me in Tehran! I hope you are having a wonderful time visiting with family and friends. Things are all the same here. We wouldn't dream of having the bloggers' gathering without you my friend. Take good care of yourself.

P.S. Did my advice work?

Daisy said...

Nazy jon,

Thanks for the info. I wish I could attend at least one of those lectures but I'm far away from California. I loved the picture by the way. It is so beautiful and peaceful.

I hope you quit smoking as soon as possible. The smoke gives me headaches. I'm one of those people who keep my distance from smokers when I am waiting in the bus line or some public places that smoking is not prohibited- no offense. I know it's not easy to quit something like this but with a strong personality that you have, I'm sure you'll do it.

Thanks for visiting me.
Take care

Nazy said...

Beautiful Daisy:

Thank you my friend. Of course you will notice that I said I am thinking about quitting smoking. So I am thinking about it.

Haha! It's a good thing you and I like each other so, because if we didn't know each other and we didn't like each other, you and I would be sending each other dirty looks at a bus station! Truth be told, and this is a strange secret, I never smoke during the day! Never at work, never in bus stops, and never outside public buildings and restaurants as is customary these days. I only smoke when it's dark and I am at home, where I affect the least number of people with my bad habit! My writing work and my smoking happen together, so it has been difficult for me to contemplate it. I'm thinking about it sweet Daisy, and if I have anything good to report, I will. I am so very aware of what a bad thing smoking is, and I'm not saying that sarcastically at all. Be good azizam.

Aida said...

Nazi joon, you ask about the weather in Ottawa,yes,it is extremely cold in winter and in fact it is getting cold at this time.It will be my 4th winter in here but I am not used to it yet.I remember the day (08/01/04)I got here.I was thinking about 4-5 days if Ottawa was a location to stay or not.However, with the help of the friends I could gradually settle down and get involved in the Canadian life style.
I must say it is a cultural and beautiful city,full of musical and art event especially in spring and summer times when I hardly can leave the city and ignore the events.
BTW,If you get any chance to visit ottawa, please let me know in advance.

Take care,

P.S.Sorry,my comment was related to your post at all!

Pardis said...

Nazy jan,
So you are a daydreamer? Actually I am a daydreamer too!! I like it but it is sometimes an interrupt in my work! My mind sometimes flies so far away, both in time (past & future) and distance!
I am sure you can handle your boss's job even better than her/him.
Best wishes for you,

Nazy said...

Dear Aida:

Of course your comment was related to the post! Anything about you is related! First, happy anniversary. Jeerjeerak, Ala Hazrat, and Habeh all talked about the anniversaries of their arrivals in the US this month. It is a date no one forgets, as it is a turning point in any immigrant's life. Mine is June 24th.

Thank you for your generous offer to visit in Ottawa. How exciting! Though I don't know if I can put up with the very cold whether of your parts. I can watch the snow from a window and enjoy it, but living in the middle of it is not something I dream about, exactly! If I had a choice, I would be more the sand, surf, and sun type! I will come to your parts in the summer. I have enjoyed many visits to Toronto in the summer, so I know Canada is gorgeous that time of the year. I might go visit a friend in Vancouver early in October, but going East will have to wait until next year.

Thanks for coming and for sharing with us. Come again Aida Jan.

Nazy said...

Pardis Jan:

Daydreaming is an excellent refuge from jobs and tasks we don't want to do! Ready, set, go! Go anywhere, do anything, visit anyone all in your head with eyes open wide! Ha ha . Just make sure you don't get caught looking dazed and distracted, because the look would give you away everytime! I daydream about Tehran all the time.

Take care my friend.