Wednesday Whereabouts

I dreamt I was in Tehran again last night. I must be missing it more than I thought. It's Wednesday, and I will have a long day ahead of me, leaving for my poetry class after work and getting home late tonight. I'll come back and tell you all about it. P.S. I dreamt that I was going to see someone I obviously cared a lot about, and I was looking for a flower shop to buy flowers. Any interpretations?


Pardis said...

Nazy jan,
I dream a lot of being in different places. I looked up somethings like "Didar", "Gol" & Etc. The only thing I could find was for flower:(Hope the font comes right)

گل‌ در خواب‌ علامت‌ اميد، آرزو ورشد و باليدن‌ مثبت‌ در كنار سادگي‌، معصوميت‌،عفت‌، پاكدامني‌، پاكي‌

Best wishes,

Pardis said...

Nazy jan,
I forgot to say that whenever I wanted to tell my mum that I have had a dream, before I start telling her, she used to tell me: " Kheire Ishala " (With her kind smile). I loved hearing that.
Now, Nazy jan, Kheire Ishala.

Pardis :)

serendip said...

Nazy jan: Check out different schools on interpretation of dreams. Under dream theorists:


serendip said...

Wow, I didn't know I was a man and a homosexual one at that...thanks for informing me...LOL

Assal said...

Dear Nazy Joonam:

I have no "interpretation", but I hope it means you will soon be reunited with a dear loved one that you have been missing.

I also had a strange dream the other night, and will share it with you soon, because you were the center of it!!

Can't wait to hear about your class!

Nazy said...

Pardis Jan: Thank you so much for your good wishes and for your interpretation attempt! That was really helpful and made me happy. You are so sweet. Thank you.

Nazy said...

Thank you Serendip. I will, as soon as I get a chance. It has been a long day with more to go! Thanks for visiting my friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Assal Jan and thank you for your "hopeful dream interpretation!" That was so sweet. I hope it means that my good friend who is planning to come visit me from Tehran will be able to do so. I miss her so much. Thanks and do tell me about that dream as I am now intrigued!

Mina said...

I dream about Iran all the time. I especially dream about my dear departed parents. In my dreams, they are with me, providing me with the love and attention I didn't always receive from them in real life. In some of my dreams, my brothers and sisters join in.
These dreams are not always happy dreams, some of them are quite disturbing. This is particularly the case when I sense an intruder, which can be terrifying. But on the whole, the dreams are beautiful and take me back to a time before suicide bombings and people calling themselves Imam and grumpy men in medieval attire bossing us around and grumpy men in suits and ties with medieval attitudes threatening to "liberate" us...

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Mina! My intelligent and wonderful friend. I am so honored everytime you come to visit. One of these days I am going to write about your beautiful blog and all the thought and heart that happens there.

Dreams are a strange business, compeltely lost on me! I had a recurring dream for about 15 years and it stopped when I went back to live in Iran. I dreamed that I was lost in an old Tehran house (you know the ones with birooni & andarooni?), and couldn't find my way out and each door I opened was into another room and another hallway, never being able to leave!

All of my childhood in Tehran is a dream. A dream vividly remembered and cherished of a world which when compared to today's world, feels like heaven. Be good Mina Jan.