Progress on Unearthing a Treasure

I am concentrating on writing my piece about the “lost” Iranian artist I have discovered (he wasn’t lost at all—in fact he was a world-renowned artist, but mostly unknown to the Iranian community). It’s a bigger research job that I’m used to handling, and the “story” in it still needs more information and work to develop. As I struggle with it, I can’t keep the smile of happiness off my face, for it is something that should have been done a long time ago by people a lot more competent than me, but somehow I got to be the lucky one to tell it. Are you intrigued?


Assal said...

Yes ma'am. Intrigued!

What type of "artist" shall we be anticipating?

serendip said...

Who could it be and why wasn't he discovered?hmmmmmmm
Well, how much longer do we have to wait??hahaha

Nazy said...

Assal. He is a dancer. Are you further intrigued?

Nazy said...

Serendip Jan. I'm hoping to wrap up the skeletal writing this weekend (if I can keep away from the blogland!), and get started on the detailed research and collaboration with the artist himself. It's still at the uphill stage, which is my least favorite part, as I can't yet run with it. But hopefully by the end of tomorrow I would feel more accomplished. Have a good evening my friend.