A Window To My Homeland

Each time one of my friends goes to visit Iran, he or she becomes a window through which I will catch a glimpse of all that I love and I miss there. Though we each go into different families, different settings, and more or less different experiences when we go back to Iran, we have so much in common in all that we miss and would like to explore again. As my friend goes back for a visit, I wait for his return to tell me what Iran looked like, what it felt like, what it sounded like, and what it tasted like. He is now my window to my homeland. I wait for him to come back and to open the window for me. Bon Voyage.


Siah said...

I wish our mutual friend comes back soon, and he is "ba vafa" enough to bring you a nice souvenir

When I was back home, I used to be like this for friends who were coming back from other countries :)

life changes so much but we are always curious about whats behind that window, it doesn't matter if we are here or there, we always miss the other place. God there should be someway to just leave that window open for good :)

ا. ش said...

خانه‌ای آرام و ‏
انتظار ِ پراشتیاق ِ تو تا نخستین خواننده‌ی هر سرود ِ نو باشی.‏

خانه‌ای که در آن
سعادت ‏
‏ پاداش اعتماد است‏
و چشمه‌ها و نسیم
‏ در آن می‌رویند.‏

بام‌اش بوسه و سایه است
و پنجره‌اش به کوچه نمی‌گشاید
و عینک‌ها و پستی‌ها را در آن راه نیست.‏

‏(احمد شاملو)‏

Nazy said...

Siah Jan, What a nice comment you have left me! I am so touched. You are right, there are two sides to the window, one looking out and one looking in. While we look out with longing and nostalgia, some may be looking in with curiosity! Thanks for the thought. Be good.

Nazy said...

Aah az Shamloo Alef Shin! I have only been discovering him in recent years. This is a beautiful poem. "...where the reward for trust is bliss..." Thanks for sharing it. What a wonderful poem and comment (from Siah) to come to find at my lunch break! Be good Alef Shin Jan.