My Neighbors Outside The Window

I want to show you what the trees outside my window look like, again. Our house sits on a small hill, and the trees outside are at least 30 years old, and about three stories tall. I can see the branches from the rooms upstairs, and the trunks from my bedroom downstairs. They are home to birds and squirrels. Occasionally, our area is visited by raccoons, and I have even seen families of deer looking for food or water by the creek a little farther up the road. I am a "city girl" myself. All my life I have lived in big cities or when in smaller cities, I have lived on main roads and circles. This is the first time I am living in an area which is so green and close to nature. There is something very peaceful about living near trees. The continuity of life in them and the way trees surrender to cycles and seasons, is a good reminder of how to live. They do their best everyday and accept change easily and bravely, and they endure winds, rains, sunshine, cold, and heat, never forgetting their mission. I am learning new things from my neighbors outside the window. (Click on the photo to see the details.)


Shobeir (takhovski!) said...

There are so many unknowns about them. The only way you learn about them is getting closer and closer....

Nazy said...

Yes Mr. Takhovski! As children we are closer to nature. We climb trees and roll in the grass and pick flowers, appreciate animals, and really look at nature. As we grow older, we forget that gift. We drive cars and fly aboard airplanes and attend meetings and breath smog. It is really wonderful when we stop and look at nature again. Getting closer is the way to go. Be good Shobeir.

ا. ش said...

از این که نگاهت را با ما به اشتراک می‌گذاری ممنونم دوست عزیز. اینک پنجره‌ی نگاهت را گشوده‌ای و از ‏رسالت و گُمارش طبیعت سخن می‌گویی. این مشاهدات ِ "خرد باطنی" توست؛ شکوفایی چشم ناظر باطنی‌ات. ‏نگاهش خجسته باد!‏

ا. ش said...

To Serendip:
سلام! دوست دارم از شما این سؤال را بپرسم که شما از پنجره ی اتاق خود چه می بینید؟

Anonymous said...

Dear Nazy,
Wow, That was so nice and beatiful. Thanks for putting the pic here. Yesterday afternoon on my way home I saw a mother and a baby rabbit togther. They were so cute.

Best wishes,

P.S, Dear Nazy, you know what is so special about you and your blog that I really love? You are a very kind and caring person, replying to each comment kindly. Nowadays nobody is like this, at least for me.

serendip said...

I love the pictures. Thank you.

Mr. Alef Shin: I have to take a picture of it for you. I see huge pine tree, which I talk to and hug every day. I wish you could see it. It is such blessing to be in the presence of this magnificent creature. I'm always in awe of its majesty. I'll try to take a good picture so you can see it. I also see the mountains that surrounds the city I live in. The mountains remind of me Damavand and they are spectacular. I also see the sky. The sky in Arizona is legendary. I had never seen such mystical colors and beauty. It is as if every sunset and sunrise, the gods create one masterpiece after another...I also see here and see the woodpeckers and the roadrunners, which are indegenous to Arizona...

Daisy said...

What I love about you and your blog is that I can’t keep up with you. Every time I check your blog there is something new and interesting. I imagine you must be even more interesting in person.

P.S. thank you for your sweet comments. My vegetable garden is growing wonderfully. I should be posting a picture of it very soon.

Nazy said...

Dear Pardis: Thanks so much for coming again my friend. Bunny rabbits are so cute! Of course they are also lethal to furniture and anything in sight if you take them to your home! Better appreciate them from afar.

Thank you for your kind comment. I know many people visit me here. Not very many of them leave me comments, because I blog in English and some Iranians are very shy about their English skills. They read everything, though, from what I understand from their direct emails to me. I reply to all comments as best as I can, to show you all that I appreciate the extra effort of writing to me, and also to assure those who come and can't yet leave a comment, that if and when they are ready, I'll reply. Thanks a lot for coming again Pardis Jan. Have a brilliant day.

Nazy said...

Alef Shin Jan Salam. Nazare lotfe shomast. Americans have an expression: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," and they are not really talking about dogs when they say that expression. It is meant to emphasize that people are generally incapable of dramatic change in later years of their lives. Well, having no other choice but to change, I'm trying so hard to prove that American idiom wrong! I'm trying to learn. Thanks for coming. I suppose I should also thank you for asking Serendip that question. I positively LOVE her reply. But I'll talk about that separately. Be good Alef Shin.

Nazy said...

Wonderful Serendip: What a beautiful description of what you see outside your window! Your description helped me "see" your environment, too. It was an early morning boost to my imagination and mindset. I would love to see that huge pine tree.

Roadrunners, ha? Would you believe that until this very moment I thought they were imaginary cartoon characters?! Well, just one cartoon character (my favorite!). How ignorant can a person be? I suppose instead of researching events and artists and politicians, I will have to go Google roadrunners later this morning to learn more! Actually, that's quite funny! Have a good day Serendip.

Nazy said...

Daisy Jan, Salam. Don't be fooled by bloggers! They look a lot better from afar than they do up close, I'm told! I used to write really long posts and I think they were boring to people. So I have switched to shorter posts more frequently. Does it make me look manic? It's the same number of subjects, I supposed, but in several posts instead of one. I had asked for people to give me feedback about it last Friday. Thanks again for coming and happy gardening my friend. I'll come by and visit you soon, too.

shobeir said...

به هوش بودم از اول که دل به کس نسپارم
شمایل (بلاگ) تو بدیدم نه عقل ماند و نه هوشم

Above is a poem from Saadi...
well I guess I got addicted to your blog! I've google about anti-addiction programs but non of them help :D
To Serendip: I should assert that I really dislike the atmosphere of your blog... But here (in Nazy's atoll :) ) u are looklike a poet than war's fairy!
btw counting to see the pic...

SERENDIP said...

Nazy jan: I just posted a picture of roadrunner on my blog. They really are runners. I've never seen them fly up high...

Shobeir: You're entitled to your Prerogative and I respect that and don't take it personally. I might add, my blog is exclusively for me and me alone. I use it to journal and document news. If I have readers, that just a bonus for me. My blog was intended to be a personal blog chronicling the unfolding of my many illusions...That is all.

Nazy said...

Salam bar Shobeir:

Thank you. Come by any time.

Since Serendip replied herself about her blog, which is amazing, I won't say much more, except that part of the reason I am learning to blog better (I hope) is through the help and participation of people like Serendip, who showed up (heaven knows from where--where did you show up from, Serendip?) and started leaving me comments, challenging me to think and to keep on blogging. When wonderful Serendip comes to see me, she always has something thoughtful, intelligent, and kind to say. No comment from her is ever thoughtless or joyless.

In time, we will hopefully all develop the same rapport and understanding. I am honored you all come to see me. In your polite and considerate exchange, I feel so proud to be a spectator.

Nazy said...

Serendip: Saw it! Amazing. Truly amazing. I don't know if I'm more amazed at the bird's beauty or at my own ignorance, though! It's lovely.

I also saw the post you had left Alef Shin. What a fantastic picture. You know, it would be fun to start our own little game, asking everybody what they see outside their windows! I doubt people can top yours, but it could be fun! I really must get back t work now.

ا. ش said...

To Serendip:
ممنون از توجه شما. این تصویر خیلی مرا به خودش مشغول کرد. درخت در زمینه ی آسمان بالای سرش جلوه پیدا کرده؛ طیفی از رنگ ها از صورتی تا آبی و بنفش به ایستادگی درخت ابهت و جلوه ی خاصی بخشیده. شما رنگ ها را دربالای سرتان دیده اید، نه در زمین و نه حتی در درخت؛ در همان آسمان افسانه ای با ترکیب رنگی خیره کننده اش! وقتی گفتی تصویر کاج مرا یاد "کاج بزرگ" اثر سزان انداختی
Cézanne, The Great Pine
نقاشی بین سالهای 1892 تا 1896 کشیده شده. خودش در نامه ای به زولا در 1858 چنین گفته:
"Do you remember the pine on the bank of the [river] Arc, with its hairy head projecting above the abyss at its foot? This pine which protected our bodies with its foliage from the heat of the sun, oh! may the gods preserve it from the woodman's baleful axe!"

serendip said...

Dear Mr. Alef Shin: I hope you were able to see what I've posted for you on my blog. Thank you for your interest in me. You're an amazing writer and most beautiful soul.

Nazy said...

Dear Serendip and Alef Shin: And here's my gift to the two of you and all who participated in this very lively post! It is a poem by my beloved Siavash Kasrai.

"An Ode To A Tree"

You are the tall figure of desire, O' tree

The sky embraces you at all times
You are tall, O' tree

Your hands are full of stars and your soul full of spring
You are beautiful, O' tree

When winds make a nest in your tangled leaves,
When winds comb your green hair,
You are fantastic, O' tree

When the wild fingers of rain grasp you,
In its cold feast
You are the sad, sweet-singing musician, O' tree

Under your feet,
Here is night and night-struck people whose eyes
Have not seen the day
How is it that you have seen the day?
How is it that you have seen the sun?
And you are amazingly gazing at them, O' tree!

As you bound the earthly people by a thousand strings,
Don't be scared of thunder,
Don't be scared of lightning.
You will prevail, O' tree

Don't rebel, O'scared tree that like our hope,
You are with us, but still lonely, O' tree.

shobeir said...

Dear Serendip:
Actually, its not your blog's problem... its all about I dont like politic :)...
And in my opinion, it's a pity that ppl whom can look at this world (as I guess u see) (looking @ beauties and understanding them..), write about politic....
Actually my comment was a burst of emotion, I admit that I shouldnt lose my composure....

To Nazy:
Well, I understand what you mean...
As I said, it's a pity thoughtful humans waste their time for political problems....
It is my will to see the affinity between friends...

Shad zid

Nazy said...

Shobeir Jan: Thank you for that clarification. It takes a big person to defuse a situation by providing an honest explanation. Affinities are developed that way. Be good Shobeir.

serendip said...

Dear Shobeir: Don't fret my friend.

Here is something from Kaballah that you might find interesting:

"Do you see the truth in people?

The secret is not to see yourself within others, but rather to see others within yourself. When you treat people as if they were part of your own flesh and blood, you are better able to identify with them, to know their truth, and to offer them compassion.

Imagine every one you meet today is YOU. Put yourself in your own shoes.

"When you believe it, then you will see it." – The Rav

I try each and every day to adhere to that principle. It's not easy but it can be done. Happy day my friend.

serendip said...

Here is one of my favorite Native American stories that I like to share with your readers nazy jan with your permission:

"An elder Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, "A fight is going on inside me ... It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. This same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too." They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" The old Cherokee simply replied... "The one you feed."

Assal said...

What a calming post! And such great comments as well!!

I especially enjoyed "Ode to a Tree" and Serendip's Cherokee "Tale of Two Wolves"!

Nazy said...

Thank you Assal Jan. And thank you for joining in this, which has probably been the easiest post and the best audience participation I have seen in my blog. I am so grateful for having been a part of it. I related to each individual leaving a comment on a personal level, I thought, and I felt the communication among all who came and talked to me, to each other, and to all. This post made me proud. I am proud of you, too, for having observed that peace which has kept me happy since Sunday. Be good sweet Assal.

ا. ش said...

To Serendip:
بله این یک نزاع همیشگی‌ست در درون ما. چه نگاه شایسته‌ای به آن داشته‌ای! حالا در هم‌آوایی و هم‌آهنگی با شما ‏من هم از مثنوی قطعه‌ای می‌آورم با اندکی توضیح:‏
بیشه‌ای آمد وجود آدمی
بر حذر شو زین وجود اَر زان دمی (1)‏
در وجود ما هزاران گرگ و خوک
صالح و ناصالح و خوب و خَشوک (2)‏
ساعتی گرگی درآید در بشر
ساعتی یوسف‌رُخی هم‌چون قَمر
می‌رود از سینه‌ها در سینه‌ها
از ره ِ پنهان صلاح و کینه‌ها
هر زمان در سینه نوعی سر کند
گاه دیو و گه مَلَک گه دام و دد (3)‏

‏1) می‌گوید از آن وجودی که چون بیشه‌ و جنگلی‌ست حتی برای لحظه‌ای هم شده دوری کن!‏
‏2) خَشوک: حرام‌زاده
‏3) دَد: حیوان وحشی

Nazy said...

Dear Serendip and Alef Shin: Your two stories do look a lot alike! That's amazing. Thanks for sharing them.

I, too, believe that as humans we are made of good and bad emotional elements and we must constantly try to discourage our bad elements and to encourage and promote our good elements. Highly spiritual people have their negative feelings at a minimum, and their positive feelings at a maximum.

Very interesting stories from different parts of the world, and how similar they were! Thank you so much.