Tochal Last Friday, 7:08 a.m.

Looking at Tehran from Tochal. Photo by Alef Shin, August 10, 2007
I used to think that Tehran's air pollution was responsible for, among other things, people's hopelessness. I held that if the air cleared up and people could only see the mountains surrounding Tehran everyday, they would find new resolve to live, because you couldn't see those mountains and not want to live, to smile, to love. Living elsewhere and deprived of it all, I would say today that just knowing that those mountains are still there, the city underfoot, and the millions of people inside, even if I can see none of them right now, gives me the will to live to see them again, all that makes my Tehran, the city I love.
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shobeir said...

دلی که غیب نمایست و جام جم دارد
ز خاتمی که دمی گم شود چه غم دارد

I guess this poem works every where... 8-^)
Nice Shot Mr. Alef Shin....

For a brief second I stood tall
I could see mountains that exstended into heavan's wall
Just then a destiny fell on my shoulders
I would climb those mountains even if i had to lift boulders

By: Josh Parkhill

btw This is the first comment, Yahoo!

Pardis said...

Nazy jan,

Thanks a lot for your respond. I sent an email to you but I am not sure if the adress is correct or not.(It was an yahoo account which I found via internet).
Hope you recieve my email.

Best wishes,

SERENDIP said...

Thank you Mr. Alef Shin. It's a great picture.

مریم ط. said...

سلام بر نازی عزیز!
کوه ها هنوز هستند به عشق روزگارانی که از دریچه ی نگاه تو دیده شدند، به عشق انسان هایی که امروز با اون نفس می کشند، و به عشق هدیه دادن عشق و امید ...

Nazy said...

Salam Pardis Jan: I have seen your email. Thank you. I will reply when I have time tonight. Thanks for coming.

Nazy said...

Shobeir Jan: Thank you for being the first to comment! The thing about the poem is that when I saw your post in your blog yesterday, I opened my Hafez for you and that poem came up! Yes, this poem does work everywhere. And what beautiful poem you left me. Thank you.

Nazy said...


Have you seen the video clip of Mamak Khadem's new work? (She is the lead singer with Axiom of choice). Take a look at the video clip here: http://www.iranian.com/Clips/2007/August/khadem.html

and read about her here: http://mamak-khadem.com/ , and about Axiom of Choice here: http://axiomofchoice.com/index.htm

Have a good day.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Maryam T. Thank you for coming to visit and for making the effort to leave your first comment for me. Thank you for your kind and supportive remarks. Today they meant a lot to me. I hope you come back and talk to us often. Be good.

SERENDIP said...

Nazy jan: Thank you sweet.

ا. ش said...

از تشکر شما ممنون خانم سرندیب عزیز. خوش حالم که موجب انبساط خاطر برخی دوستان گردیده. به هر حال لطف نظر خانم نازی بوده است

Nazy said...

I love that photo Alef Shin. Thanks for sharing it with us.

shawhin said...

dammet garm - I totally feel the same way. When I get depressed about the physical situation in Tehran, after thinking of ways to fix it, I too remind myself that the mountain is there and it will never go away. It's like my source of life. No one deny, censor, or replace it.
bah... shabhaayeh garmeh darakeh... does it get more aasheghaaneh than that?

Nazy said...

Salam Shawhin! I see that the poetry class has made you into a poet! I am still mad that you didn't make yourself known to me my friend! You had said you would show up with your wife and I kept looking for a couple last week. Yes, those mountains are ours and we belong to those mountains. They have been there for millions of years and they will continue to exist for millions more. Nobody, no distance, and no time can take them away from us. Be good Shawhin and do come back.