8 Fragments of 60 Conversations Today...

He says: “I have decided to take it easy at work and not care anymore. Just this morning I caught myself rushing in to work and I had to tell myself: ‘Hey, Mister, slow down. Why are you running?’ My heart breaks for my friend who received a special service award last year this time.
His voicemail message says: “I wonder what I’ve done to make you ignore my phone messages and my emails.” Reminding him that it makes me puke to have married men make passes at me is not only pointless, it will also necessitate talking to him, which I don’t want to do.
She says: “I am so happy the twins will be coming to visit! Whenever I get depressed these days, all I have to do to cheer up is to remind myself that they are coming. All I want to do is to look at them for hours and forget everything else.”
Her voicemail message says: “I miss you, though I don’t think you miss me.” I must call sweet Leila tomorrow.
She says: “In my last performance evaluation, my boss said there have been numerous complaints about my talking too much at work. I told him this has been my problem for 21 years and I haven’t been able to do anything about it. I asked him if he could recommend a solution for this.”
He says: “…and I thought......, and I feel……, and I will….. . Sorry, I didn’t realize you were in a meeting. Oh, call me when you get out.” I will have to call someone who has never asked me how I feel.
She says: “I don’t know why you stopped returning my calls.” I must call my old and faithful friend, Monir, tomorrow.
She says: “I don’t miss having a man in my life. The only thing I miss when I don’t have a man in my life is how it feels to ‘be a woman.’ I want to wear sheer stockings; I want to put on sexy lingerie; I want to put on perfumed lotions. When there is no man for whom to do this, I don’t feel like doing it. When there is no man in my life, I miss myself.”
My mind is fried. I’m calling it a day and going to bed.


Anonymous said...

"I wonder what I’ve done to make you ignore my phone messages and my emails"

you know what? that's what i think too. not that i've made any phone calls, but weeks ago, you ignored several emails of mine, right after i posted my comments about the article you wrote about a freind who was going through a divorce. later, you told me you were not offended by me, but you never wrote a single email to me ever again.
last night i had a disgusting dream, about someone you and i both know, and once again, i remembered how good it was when i hared from you several times a week.
sorry, this is not a comment, it would have done better as an email.
i hope you and kids are fine, and i miss you.

Marzieh said...

سلام نازی جان
انگار همه ازت گله میکنن!میدونی که همش از عشقه!!
و همه هم میدونن که شما یه دل دریائی داری و محبت همه توش حا میشه!
برات آرزوی سربلندی و شادی بیشتر دارم!


Marzieh said...

Hi again;

I couldn't find your email?!!!I don't know why!!!!??

! said...

نازی جان سلام
می دونی من تو روابطم خیلی مهر به خرج می دم و این باعث سوء تفاهم میشه حتی بعضی وقتها
من چون خیلی مهر به خرج میدم دلم نمیاد به هیچ کس بگم نه و این باعث میشه که کمی به خودم نرسم و کمی هم به قولهام نرسم که به همین خاطر بعضی وقتها بعضیا از دستم ناراحت میشن
البته به قول آقای دکتر همه می دونن کاری که به دست من سپرده میشه انجام میشه ولی گاهی کمی دیر
پس در نتیجه بعضی اوقات بعضیا از من ناراحت میشن البته راستش رو بخوای من دارم روش کار می کنم که درستش کنم و البته تا حالا کمی هم موفق بودم ولی خوب بالاخره دیگه

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Beautiful Fariba:

Na baba, I never ignore YOU, my friend! If I have done so inadvertently, I do apologize. You are one of my dearest and most special friends and I would never do anything intentionally to upset you. I will write you an email and explain how complicated my life has been. Forget about bad dreams about ghouls and goblins! They are all in the past, where they must be left, and you and I are here and in the beautiful present, moving forward. I'll write soon. Be good and happy and come back again and visit my friend.

Nazy said...

Hee Hee, Marzieh Jan, that's true! My sister said to me once, "There are strinking similarities between me and a bi-marefat. Neither one of us calls. Neither one of us visits. Neither one of us writes. But there is one difference between me and a bi-marefat: The bi-marefat doesn't miss you and doesn't feel bad, but I do!"

I know that all my friends know that I love them very much and I am always thinkig about them, even if our contacts are sporadic. The hallmark of a good friendship is its continuity through time, where every time you connect with your friend, it doesn't feel like you haven't seen each other for a long time.

My email address is nazyk at hotmail dot com. Be good Marzieh Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Uni-Far Jan:

I tend to over-commit myself, too, and then I fail miserably! In the face of our shortcomings and occasional failures, though, Americans say: "but our hearts are in the right place!"

I think you are a super responsible individual and a joy to know and to see around here whenever you show up. Be happy Farshad Jan.