Water polo team members of a neighborhood high school and their parents wash cars to earn money for their team. My car, Shabdiz, got a good washing today.
In the middle of the goings on of this weekend, I talked to my journalist friend for a few minutes. At his urging, I watched an hour-long program about Iran on History Channel, entitled Beyond Top Secret-Iran. It was really horrifying. For the first time, American media presented not a speculative view into Iran's nuclear ambitions, but a so-called documentary about Iran's search for nuclear weapons. History Channel is not Fox News or CNN. I don't remember their having been front runners in the American public opinion formation; at least I haven't been aware of such tendencies on that channel. It was, therefore, pretty shocking to watch just that in action.
I think programs such as this are directly aiming to justify and legitimize an attack on Iran, built on the fear factor now in full operation in American minds after September 11th. It is devastating to listen to so-called "analysis," speculating the shape the attack on Iran would take. Let's not be mistaken. In order for public acceptance of a war on Iran, Iran must first become ugly, uncompromising, and a menace to the world. In just a few months, Mr. Ahmadinejad has become the ugly face of Iran, portraying Iran as deserving to be bombed and destroyed. Everyone else in Iran is suddenly faceless and voiceless. They show him denying the Holocaust, gesturing, and threatening the world, forgetting to mention that he is not all of Iran. They talk about potential attacks on Lavizan and Natanz, forgetting to mention that these facilities are located in densely populated areas of Tehran and Iran, posing serious human casualties in case of an attack. For the first time, I hope I am over-reacting about an issue. I can't bear to think about the unthinkable.
History Channel will air the program again several times this week. Take a look if you can, and please tell me that I am over-reacting. It will air on Monday, November 5th at 11:00 PM, and again on Tuesday, November 6th at 3:00 AM. I am heartsick.


jeerjeerak said...

I don't have a cable to watch that program but I think you're not overreacting:( When the american media sets its goal on trashing something, it acts monstrously.

Nazy said...

Jeerjeerak Jan: Thank you for your vote of confidence! But you must see this program. I'm sure it will circulate on google video and Youtube soon. It is reminiscent of the "reports" and "testimonials" aired on TV just before the Iraq war broke out. It is so scary. I pray God will protect Iranian men, women, and children from harm in the hands of deranged politicans. Be good azizam.