The Bird Was Only A Bird

The bird said, “What scent! What sunshine! Ah!

Spring has come

And I will go in search of my mate”

From the portico’s edge

The bird flew away; like a message, it flew away

The bird was little

The bird did not think

The bird did not read newspapers

The bird was not in debt

The bird did not know men

The bird flew through the air

Over red lights

At the altitude of nescience

And madly experienced

Blue moments

The bird, Ah, was only a bird

"Parandeh faghat yek parandeh bood," Another Birth, by Forough Farrokhzad, Translated by Ismail Salami


serendip said...

Beautiful. thanks. You have something waiting for you on my blog. love


يكي مثه همه said...

simply nice and so beautiful!

Nazy said...

Dear Beautiful Serendip:

I am so delighted to see you back in these parts! Though I know that your break isn't over yet, I am so glad to hear from you my friend. Thank you for my present! I loved it! Please enjoy yourself and come back recreated and full of energy. Be good and happy my wonderful friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Halt Jan. Thank you very much. I have posted Forough's poems in English before, and most Iranians rightfully prefer to read Forough in Farsi. I think her poetry is so beautiful, it even sounds refreshing in English. Thanks for coming my friend.