Waiting For the Birth of Hope Anew

Nomad woman rides in Ashayer Festival in Lorestan.
Come The Night
When was it and how....That breeze ....Told me of your graceful amble?
How long has it been .....Since your humble birth?
When was it and how ....That fire ....Told the story of my burning ecstasy?
How long has it been ....Since a volcano last erupted?
When was it and how ....That water ....Talked of our flowing purity?
How long shall we wait ....Until the sea storms again?
When was it and how ....That the earth ....Was an undeniable truth beneath our feet?
How long shall we wait ....Until the birth of hope anew?
Poem by Ahmad Shamloo, translated by Joseph U. Freeman


! said...

در مورد شعر زیبای احمد شاملو و البته ترجمه ی زیبا و واقعا قشنگ اون
من این شعر زیبا رو تقدیم می کنم

ای قهرمان خسته تن و خسته جان من !1
دانم تو کیستی
دانم تو چیستی
یک عمر در سراچه ی دلتنگ زندگی
مردانه زیستی
در پیش خلق ، خنده به لب داشتی ولی
پنهان گریستی
در چشم من مسیح بزرگ زمانه ای
ای مرد پاکزاد
بر جان پاک تو
از من درود باد
از من درود باد

قسمت انتهایی شعر مرد خسته کاری از مهدی سهیلی
این شعر به تمام مردان سالخورده ای تقدیم شده که در پیری از بار فقر و آبرو صورت خود را به سیلی سرخ می کنند

masoud said...

زندگی بدون امید خیلی سخت می گذرد،حتی اگر انتظار آن سخت باشد،حتی اگر دور باشد.یادش بخیر باد پدرم،وقتی در سوگ مادرم زمزمه میکرد:عزیزم دیدار به قیامت ،اما قیامت خیلی دوره.

Nazy said...

Thank you, Uni-Far Jan! What a sweet poem that is. When we were children, Mehdi Soheili used to have a radio program in which he told stories and read poetry. I never forget his voice and how the whole family gathered around to listen to him. Khoda biamorzadesh, he was a gem. Thank you again for leaving this comment my friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Massoud Jan:

You are so right! Hope is what drives us to live, to try, to try again, and to try harder yet! What a sweet phrase your father said about your mother! Khoda rafteganetoono biamorzeh. They are in heaven looking down on us, now. Thank you for coming. Please come again.

Marzieh said...

خیلی زیبا بود مرسی عزیزم

! said...

بله واقعا خدایش بیامرزاد...
واقعا هیچ چیزی بیشتر از نام نیک ماندگار نیست

jeerjeerak said...

Nice harmony between the photo and the poem. Thanks Nazy Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Marzieh Jan. Thank you for coming and for reading.

Nazy said...

Salam Jeerjeerak Jan:

Coming from your astute, artistic mind, that is a big compliment, indeed! Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I have every intention of going to watch that "turkey carving" clip on your blog before my guests arrive this Saturday night! Of course, I am still hoping that there will be a volunteer for doing it, so I don't have to do that part myself! Be good azizam and have a good weekend.