I Am Iran

It's Friday. I have had a whole week of very exciting and very exhausting events. My older son was applying for university admissions this week. Waiting until the last possible moment created so much stress for him, something from which I hope he has learned a thing or two. Truth be told, I am learning a lot of things, too, about myself, about him, and about life in the process.
I leave you with a video clip which sweet Roja Najafi, Tameshk, has made. It was an idea I had, which she understood with all her heart and ran with it, adding her own soul to it. It is about Iran and about our collective desire to protect it from a potential attack. It was inspired by anti-war protests in San Francisco and Berkeley in October and November. You will see many of the photos that I have collected about Iran in the slideshow. My beautiful and talented friend, Vaaleh, performs her song "Mojdeh-ye Vasl," based on a Hafez poem in the background. I hope you enjoy it. Do tell us what you think. If you can' access Youtube, watch it here on FileDen.
I hope you have a good weekend, full of joy and warm feelings. Think about peace this weekend. Talk about it. Share this video clip with anyone you like, if you find it useful. Do anything and everything within your power to raise awareness about peace. Life is beautiful, full of promises of joys and accomplishments and good memories to come. All of that can only happen when there is peace. When there is no peace, there is fear, there is hate, and there is hopelessness. Peace is what our world needs the most. That's the least we can give our children and their children. Be good y'all.


jeerjeerak said...

Nazy Jan, what is the fileden link? Can you put the full link here please.

jeerjeerak said...

nevermind i found it

Marzieh said...

نازی جان
برای تو و خانواده عزیزت هم آخر هفته خوشی آرزو میکنم....:)

Mersedeh said...

Two in a row for me...watch out!
Awesome video. I am proud of you for thinking of new ways to channel your energy and for being creative.

You recently said there is no such thing as a fountain of youth and with all due respect, I must disagree. The fountain of youth is the mixture of fearlessness, creativity, and spontaneity that we all have as children and which we all lose as adults. If you notice, those adults who are most youthful, also tend to have the most of one or all of these elements, such as yourself, so hats off to you and the likes of you.

By the way, I had absolutely no IDEA that the lady you introduced me to last saturday afternoon and told me was the voice on this video had such a deep and amazing voice. Please tell her I said so, when you speak to her next. Her voice is beautiful!

Have a wonderful family-filled weekend! I miss you lots too!


masoud said...

سلام.صلح،همان "سلام" است.و این "قولا من رب الرحیم".بنابراین صلح کلام خداست.و می بینید که با هربار سلم کردن در حقیقت صلح را به همدیگر هدیه می کنیم و برای هم آرزو داریم.پس هر چه در توان داریم باید برای برپایی آن و حفاظت و گسترش آن به همه جا و همه کس فارغ از هر رنگ و نژاد و مرامی تلاش کنیم.این راه خدا و راه ماو راه همه است.صلح و سلام بر همه.

! said...

سلام نازی جان
امروز این اکانت من ظاهرا خیلی متحول شده و تمام گزیرش ها رو باز می کنه این جدا معجزست !!!!
من هم سعی می کنم از این نعمت خدا داده ! شایدم اکانت داده !!! نهایت استفاده رو ببرم ....
اول از همه از تمشک عزیز خیلی ممنونم به خاطر کلیپ عالیش که من حتما اون رو با اجازش به اشتراک خواهم گذاشت ...
و دوم به نظرم باید از تلاش های شما نازی جان برای صلح جدا تشکر کنم واقعا چیزهایی که راجع به صلح می گی یا تلاش هایی که می کنی جدا ستودنی است ....

! said...

این غزلواره ی زیبا از شکسپیر رو تقدیم میکنم برای صلح ..
the sonnet number 9

Is it for fear to wet a widow's eye
that thou consum'st thyself in single life ?
ah , if thou issueless shalt hap to die ,
the world will wail thee like a makeless wife ;
the world will be thy widow and still weep ,
that thou no form of thee hast left behind ,
when every private widow well may keep ,
by children's eyes , her husband's shape in mind.

! said...

غزلی از حافظ باز هم برای صلح و صلح دوستان
خوش کرد یاوری فلکت روز داوری
تا شکر چون کنی و چه شکرانه آوری
در گوی عشق شوکت شاهی نمی خرند
اقرار بندگی کن و اظهار چاکری
آن کس که اوفتاد و خدایش گرفت دست
گو بر تو باد با غم افتادگان خوری
ساقی به مژگان عیش از درم در آی
تا یکدم از دلم غم دنیا بدر بری
در شاهراه جاه و بزرگی خطر بسی است
آن به کزین گریوه سبکبار بگذری
سلطان و فکر لشکر و سودای گنج و تاج
درویش و امن خاطر و گنج قلندری
نیل مراد بر حسب فکر و همت است
از شاه نذر خیر و ز توفیق یاوری
یک حرف صوفیانه بگویم ، اجازت است ؟
ای نور دیده ، صلح به از جنگ و داوری
حافظ غبار فقر و قناعت ز رخ مشوی
کاین خاک بهتر از عمل کیمیاگری

! said...

همواره صلح طلب باشی و در صلح
آخر هفته ی خوبی داشته باشی

Maryam said...

That was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

nazy jan
that was great, thank you and Roja for this beatiful clip.
I gave a link to it

Omid Memarian said...

Good Job...As we say in Persian, "God Hears from you..."

Assal said...

Nazy Joonam:

Thank you for sharing this lovely clip.

The reason why I love Christmastime is because peace seems to be a little closer to our reality. People are a little kinder, the streets seem a little brighter..there seems to be a lot to look forward to and a brand new year with new hopes and promises.

Wishing you peace this weekend and during the holidays,


Mr Alef said...

فکر کردم اومدی ایران!!! چه حیف... پس کی میای؟

Mr Alef said...

کامنت قبلی از من بود - خانم شین - به اسم آقای الف اومد اشتباهی... ببخشید

nimshab said...

بسیار عکسهای زیبایی بود و ترانه و آهنگ قشنگی. کل کار رو دوست داشتم نازی جون. با آرزوی صلح!

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

Nazy aZz; salam
I try to watch this video and share it too but i can't until now.

Nazy said...

Thank you all for coming, for watching the clip, for sharing it with others, and for leaving me these kind comments. Roja should take all the credit for her hard work. I am just glad you liked it. You all continue to be an inspiring audience, motivating me to think of new things to say, keeping me on my toes! Thanks again you all. Peace on Earth.

FarNice said...

that was gr8 Nazy jan, good job . thank u and tameshk :)

Mojgan said...

WOW Nazy jan
I am so glad you sent me the link. I had not seen this clip yet and I fell in love with it. Vaaleh's voice and the beautiful images of Iran took over me, and as I was staring at the screen, suddenly I read: "I am Iran do not bomb me". I still can't stop the tears...
Very touching, great work all of you ladies!