Eerie End

I was getting ready to leave work for the day when I heard sirens and saw the flashing lights of fire trucks and police cars outside. Stepping out, I came face to face with a Berkeley police officer, diverting foot traffic from the sidewalk outside. The pavement was cordoned off with yellow police crime scene tapes, just like in movies. I asked the kind officer (in the photo) what was going on (you know how fozool I am!). She said a suspicious package had been discovered at the footsteps of Berkeley City College next door, and they were investigating. I asked her for permission to snap a photograph and she said if I did it and left quickly, it was O.K. Here we are. It's not a very good picture, but it was my only shot! I thought if I stuck around trying to get a really good picture, I might appear as suspicious and get into trouble! I wonder whether it's mid-term examinations time at Berkeley City College. Last year at my sons' college, there were "bomb scares" at around finals time, and I read in the paper that it is not unusual for prank calls to be made to colleges, resulting in cancelled classes and exams! Under the present tense circumstances, authorities have to take every such call seriously, and to search the entire campus before they let people back in. I must say I'm grateful for this policy. Another event-filled day ends in Berkeley.


Marzieh said...

میگم این خوشگله توئی؟؟:)

Nazy said...

Hee Hee, Marzieh Jan! Na baba, I am the photographer! I am not beautiful, nor that young! Though I get photographed routinely, I don't like it. Living around photograpers, journalists, and bloggers, my pictures have also occasionally appeared on the internet. I don't like it one bit! If you are curious to know what I look like, drop me an email and I will send you the links. Be good azizam.