Friends With Red Lips

I had such a relaxed time last night with my friends. After dinner at Faz, the three of us reached into our purses, pulled out our lipsticks, and got ready to leave for the lecture. We laughed when we realized we were all wearing the exact same shade of red! It was so funny!


نیلوفر said...

Thank you Nazy jan for sharing you opinion about Dr. Holakouee
and also thanks for the beautiful song of Alireza Eftekari .
I'v never heard about this Album (Avay eshgh) .It was a nice song .
I am sorry about your aunt .May god rest her soul in peace .
And my blog ,
Excuse me! I am not in a good mood these days .I just deleted all two years archive Of my old blog
and now close this new one .I don't know why .I just don't feel good .i am thinking to come back home(iran) and i know it is not a good decision .i am totally confused .I am still writing in my blog but i just scared to share it with my friends anymore .

Nazy said...

Dear Beautiful Niloofar:

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment and your condolences.

I am new to blogging, and I have heard of fellow-bloggers who have deleted their earlier posts. I can imagine a time when I might not love the things I have written enough to let them stand as they are. I am a writer, though, and I love words and as such, I think it a pity for a fellow writer to be going through enough pain to delete her brain children, her words.

Going back is always an option, Niloo Jan, and the best judge of the correctness of that option is you. Back is familiar. Back is known. Back is predictable. Back has loving embraces. Forward could be scary, unknown, unpredictable, and cold. But forward is also exciting, hopeful, promising, and could be "up." You will have to be the one to make that decision. I have always moved forward. Back has never been an option for me. Been there, done that. Forward and up is my direction and therefore my suggestion if you ask me. Back is all that made us and delivered us into the future. Forward is where we belong now.

Be good dooste azize javanam. Be good.