A Nostalgic Evening

I stepped out into a rainy afternoon and evening of pure nostalgia. Who better to take along than Mr. Nostalgia himself! Bayram and I attended a reception in honor of Nasser Rastegar-Nejad. Do you know him? I didn't until tonight. He is a musician and a poet. He has written scores of songs for old time Iranian singers. His lyrics for Mahtab, Vigen's first song, introduced first our parents and then my generation to Vigen's music. He has written songs for Delkash, Pouran, Elaheh, and Mehrpooya. Do you remember the song, Shab bood biyaban bood, which first Pouran and then Fereidoon Farrokhzad sang? He wrote the lyrics for that song.
The MC was Manoocehr Sakhaee, and in between the introductions, he sang his old songs for us. Several talented singers and Shahrzad Dance Company's dancers also performed. It was a fabulous evening. I will write something about it on Iranian.com soon, when I have access to the video clips of the event and can also show Mr. Rastegar-Nejad's fascinating slide show, in which he has been photographed with tens of old time Iranian singers, musicians, poets, and cultural figures. I am so glad to see Iranians honor an artist when he is still alive and can participate in his lifetime's achievements' celebration. Mr. Rastegar-Nejad, now 68, has donated his personal library of musical books, instruments, and memorabilia to Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation, and Dr. Ehsan Yarshater's personal note in this regard was read. It was a great evening. Old time music still rings in my head blisfully. I am so lucky.


بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

che etefaghe khubi !?
Nemidunam shenidid ino ya na ke masalan do nafar migan in ahang , ahange eshghe mast?
"shab bud biyaban bood ; " ham yeki az ahanghaye eshghe maman o baba ast ke in post mano be kudakiham bord ke unha boland boland tu mashin o moghe mosaferat ha mikhundand; mersi babte in post...mersi

Anonymous said...

nazy jan,
as you wrote ,it was great night, for me it was like a dream. I has lived for years with those people songs , lyrics and their unforgettable masterpieces , and last night, I met those legendary people, I appreciate (as usual) to make a such opportunity for me and I wait for your complete report about that evening.

Daisy said...

I wish I was there. Or if I want to wish for something better I wish my parents were there. I know so much about these old songs because of them.
I'm looking forward to reading your article and see the video clip/slide show.

يكي مثه همه said...

dear Nazy
each day in fall with the nice rain reminds me some events in my childhood which was my best period of my life up to now...
I hope they happen again...
lovely pic you attached, I wish you the best

Nazy said...

My Dear Neda: Thank you for your sweet comment! Hee Hee, good for your parents! We grew up with these songs, fell in love, and suffered and learned. I'm glad your parents' love story has had such a happy ending, you and your sister! Be happy Banoo Jan.

Nazy said...

Bayram Jan:

Today I asked Manoochehr Khan for the video clips and the slide show. As soon as I get it, I'll call you and we will write our report. It was a very good event. Thanks for going with me. Be good.

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan:

I think your parents would have liked the event. I told Bayram that he was probably the youngest person in attendance, until he pointed out some really young men and women to me! It was an evening full of memories. Vigen has a song called "Raghib," the lyrics for which Mr. Rastegar-Nejad wrote very beautifully. It was sung amazingly by a man and a woman that night. The funny thing was that the male singer, Nasser Saboori, was a famous young singer when we were growing up. Back then he sang two songs named "To doroogh-hat ham ghashangeh," and "Dokhtar-e hamsayeh," which were very popular when we were growing up. He dropped out of music world shortly thereafter and was never heard from again, until Saturday night. At the Saturday night event, he didn't sing his own old songs, but sang all songs by Mr. Rastegar-Nejad, and that was a little disappointing. Your parents would know those songs, I bet! Be good Daisy Janam.

Nazy said...

Salam Halat Jan: What a nice name you have! Aslan yeki mese hameh nist! Very unique!

Thank you for coming back and for your sweet comment. I, too, had a very happy childhood. I think having a happy childhood helps us endure our hardships in later life better. I tried (and it seems like I am continuing to try!) to give my children a happy childhood for that reason. I hope they regard it as sweetly as you do your own childhood. I'm going to come and visit your blog. Take care.

يكي مثه همه said...

thanks alot dear NAZY and I may say that you are really NAZY...;)
you made me so happy with your lovley comments...good for you ...I wish I could write as perfect as you do dear...
mersi :*
darmorede "piaz" ham kheili aali neveshti harfe dele man bood!

Nazy said...

You are welcome Halat Jan. Your blog is so much fun to read! Take care my friend.