Holakouee Lecture in Sunnyvale

My friends Nazy and Kathy and I are going to listen to Dr. Farhang Holakouee. He is a guest of SIP tonight. Here are the lecture details:
"You Need to Create What You Want",
based on the law of attraction (as discussed in the book, The Secret) Presentation in Farsi; Friday, November 2nd, 6:30 p.m., FAZ Restaurant Ballroom, 1108 North Matilda Avenue; Sunnyvale; Members $10, Other $15. For more info call 408-236-2188.
Truth be told, I am more excited about going out with my friends than the lecture! If I learn anything noteworthy, I will come back and share with you.


Edward A. said...

Haha I liked the last paragraph, I watched the secret movie last year. just wanted to say you already attract many good things in addition to fantastic people and you make others happy as well. you probably don't need the talk. I'm waiting to read the post-lecture thoughts :)

نیلوفر said...

I am waiting to read about it .
Actually I want to know your idea about the way he is talking .
sometimes ,I can't understand his idea and his solutions for problems .

Nazy said...

Salam Edward Jan. I watched that movie out of respect for my sister who was excited to give it to me as a gift. At the core of all the hoopla, there is a faint nod to positive thinking. I am all for that. The rest, however, feels like a scam to me.

Dr. Holakouee is an interesting and funny man. I would give him a good grade for his public speaking skills. As for anything substantive, scientific, or enlightening in his speech, I am not convinced. It was a fun two hours, spent with my girlfriends, laughing. That's the most noteworthy thing about the evening. Be good Ed Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Niloofar Jan. Thanks for coming. I tried to get into your blog yesterday and couldn't. I'll try again tonight.

As I said in my message to Edward, Dr. Holakouee is an excellent public speaker, full of anecdotes, stories and satire. I know he is famous among many Iranians and he enjoys a good following. It was my first time seeing him and I found him a bit simplistic and shallow. We did have some very good laughs, but I am not sure we learned a whole lot. I am glad, however, to see that Iranians enjoy listening to him. So long as he doesn't become a point of scientific reference for people, I think he is harmless and fun. I hope I am not offending anyone with my view. Of course, going to many lectures at one of the finest higher education institutions of the world on a regular basis and listening to world class scholars, I may have become somewhat spoilt in my expectations. I know that when I went to listen to Dr. Bahram Moshiri in Berkeley last spring, I was left feeling the same way. I am sure in an academic setup, both Dr. Holakouee and Dr. Moshiri would rise up to standard expectations, but when they talk to a diverse Iranian audience, especially when they do it on satellite TV stations, I see the standards taking a nose dive towards the lowest common denominator! Thanks for asking me for my opinion. Take care my young friend and have a good weekend!

shobeir said...

Truth be told, I am more excited about going out with my friends than the lecture!

I cant help laughing!!!

Nazy said...

I'm glad I made you laugh Shobeir Jan! It was the truth! I did like Holakouee, in that he said he thought the whole thing with "The Secret" was a scam! Be good azizam.