It's Thanksgiving Day in the US today. The original British pilgrims who arrived America in search of religious freedom were not very lucky in securing themselves food the first year they arrived. Many of them perished in the cold weather of US East Coast, and they all suffered much. The next winter, American Indians came to their aid, gave them agricultural produce such as corn and fruits, and turkey. Americans celebrate this day as a day of national prosperity, familial traditions, and to a very small degree as a religious gathering to thank God and count their blessings.
Just as with any other idea in the country, there are those who discredit the authenticity of that "First Winter" story, and those who view the story as a mockery of how native Americans were treated in the hands of the pilgrims. While research in the area makes for excellent reading and a good conversation piece, I find that Thanksgiving in the US is neither about history, nor about religion anymore. It is about families and friends getting together, and it's about food, food, and food! My family get together on Thanksgiving day at around 2:00 p.m. in my older sister's house and eat a big dinner together for several hours (pictures to follow). I will have my Thanksgiving turkey dinner on Saturday with my beloved friends and some family members. I have already started cooking for the event. Take a look at my Salad Olivieh preparation scene! I will show you more pictures of my cooking as the weekend progresses. Happy Thanksgiving you all. Remember, you don't have to be American or religious to feel contentment and joy in appreciating what you have. As I chop and mince this morning, I am grateful for all that I have.


Mehran said...

is that Kalbas????? gesss luisss
Happy Thanksgiving Nazy jan

jeerjeerak said...

i left a note for bayram to watch the video and and learn it! let the men have their tiny bit contribution to the feast:)))
your dinner parties are magnificent nazy jan. hope you have a great time on saturday.

Nazy said...

Salam Mehran Jan: Yes, it came from maghazeh Irooni in my neighborhood! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Your Majesty! I'll show you more pictures of the things I'm cooking this weekend.

Nazy said...

Thank you Jeer Jan! I hope your cajoling works! When I used to have huge turkey dinners in Tehran, my older brother always volunteered to carve the turkey, and I always felt such relief at handing him the knives! There have been numerous times I have had to do it myself, and it's really stressful. We will miss you on Saturday, sweet Jeerjeerak, the breath of fresh air. Happy Thanksgiving.

masoud said...

.از نوجوانی که رمانهای ترجمه شده را می خواندم با روز شکرگزاری آشنا هستم.پس از سالها در مصاحبه خاتمی با امانپور دوباره یادآوری شد.و امروز هم.می دانید که هر چیزی را شکر کنیدخداوند آنرا بر شما افزون می کند و یا بقول برخی :خدا "شما"رابرکت می دهد و افزون می کند.از نعمت اله فاضلی مردم شناس -که چند سال پیش وبلاگ داشت و نمیدانم هنوز دارد یانه- خواندم روانشناسان تحقیق کرده اند کودکانی که عادت کرده اند بابت هر چیز و همه چیزاز دیگران تشکر کنند ،روحیه بهتر و سالمتری دارند.می خواهم همه اینها را ربط بدهم به این روش شما که هر یادداشتی را جداگانه پاسخ می دهید.مثل اینستکه تشکر می کنید0به همین معنا )و این یکی از آداب میهمان نوازی ایرانی هاست که وقتی میهمان دارند،پس از خوشامد در بدو ورود وقتی همه نشستند،مجددا به تک تک میهمانان خوشامد می گویند.پس خدا زیادت کند. سلام.این عید برشما هم مبارک باشد

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Massoud:

And thank you for coming back. I write posts in my blog, but the part I love the most about this activity is where people come and say their piece. I acknowledge those comments because they are the reason I blog. I am honored you are reading my blog and you care enough to comment. Take care.