با هر نگاه

بر آسمان اين خاک هزار بوسه ميزنم

نفسم را از رود سپيد و آسمان خزر و خليج هميشگي فارس ميگيرم

من نگاهم از تنب بزرگ و کوچک و ابوموسي نور ميگيرد

من عشقم را در کوه گواتر در سرخس و خرمشهر به زبان مادري فرياد خواهم زد

فرياد خواهم زد

تفنگم در دست سرودم بر لب

همه ي ايران را ميبوسم

من خورشيد هزار پاره ي عشق را بر خاک وطن مي آويزم

من خورشيد هزار پاره ي عشق را بر خاک وطن مي آويزم

اي وارثان پاکي من آخرين نگاهم

بر آسمان آبي اين خاک و خليج هميشگي فارس

فارس فارس خواهد بود

ترانه سرا : عادل حسینی آهنگساز : محمد شمس تنظیم کننده : محمد شمس

If you can't access YouTube, listen to it here.


Assal said...

"Khalijeh fars...fars...fars....!"


This song made my night. Every time I hear it, since I was a little kid, it makes my spine tingle!

Thank you for bringing a sweet end to my night, Nazy Joon.

Marzieh said...

Thank you Nazi jan;
I enjoyed alot!

hope said...
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Maryam said...

Dear Nazi,

That's it. You finally did it.
I'm absolutely in love with ur blog now!
I have been living with your recent posts, reading them over and over again. With them i have become proud, excited, have cried and most important become more & more determind to do whatever in my power for my beautiful country.

Thanks as always,

رهنورد said...

سلام نازی جان، خوبی؟
می دونی، این روزها مثل عزیز از دست رفته ای هر شعری در باره ایران و وطن و ... می شنوم گریه ام می گیره. با این که تو ایران زندگی می کنم ولی دلتنگش می شم، دلتنگ ایرانی که می شد جور دیگه ای باشه

Nazy said...

Assal Janam, Salam.

Yes, I love singing that last part along with Ebi's powerful voice, too! I went to a private performance of opera pieces in Tehran a few years ago. A male singer with a powerful voice sang this song in a beautiful operatic way, and everyone cried.

I am glad you enjoyed it my friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Marzieh Jan:

I'm glad you liked it my friend. If you ever want to tell me about what other music you like, I will find it and post it here. Be happy azizam.

Nazy said...

Sweet MarYam:

Thank you for coming back and thank you for your supportive words. I have always loved to write, but I really enjoy the spontanity of writing in a blog, because it has such immediate reward when people come and read my scribblings and my moods!

Do come back azizam. You are always delightful to have around here.

Nazy said...

Salam bar Rahnavard-e Ziba:

I'm so glad you came and that you could leave me a comment this time! When I was much younger, I just accepted that I was an Iranian. I didn't start loving it and feeling proud of it until later in my life. When I started loving it, its beautiful and ugly sides and everything about it, I finally started my life, I believe. Accepting Iran as it is, and hoping for it to be, to prosper, and to grow has been a constant preoccupation for me. Iran can only become a better country when every Iranian truly loves and accepts it for all that it is and forgives it for all that it's not.

Be happy Nastaran Jan.

Ehsan Akhbari said...

I usually do not have much interest in matters related to nationalism that excite the crowds, especially when all that is at stake is a name. However, controversies surrounding this particular name seem to really get my attention. I guess the reason is the awkward greediness and unsettling attitude that I feel from the side that has tried to change the name of The Persian Gulf. You see, we were taught in school that there is a huge sea called The Arabian sea next to the Indian Ocean. No one ever told us to call it differently. We were also thought that there is a sea called the Oman Sea. No one asked us to call it differently, even though traditionally it had been called The Sea of Hormuz by Persians. If the other side intended to show the same respect that we have showed them in the recent history (in terms of accepting historical and official names) then they should gladly welcome the title Persian Gulf for this little tiny Gulf.

Ehsan Akhbari said...

Hi Nazy,

Clarification to prev comment:

"... the awkward greediness and unsettling attitude that I feel from the side that ..."

I meant:
the awkward greediness and unsettling attitude that the other entity manifests in this matter


Nazy said...

Salam Ehsan Jan:

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I agree that this is an issue of greed and taking advantage of Iran's vulnerable position in the international diplomacy arena. Iranians never talk about Bahrain again. It is an independent country now, and good for them. Persian Gulf's name and ownership of the three islands are our indisputable right (haghe mossalam-e mast!). I wished Iranian foreign policy would not be so indifferent to this issue. Thanks again for coming doostam.

nimshab said...

Thanks Nazy joon for all the notes and sounds and words in this regard. I share your concern deeply and I thank you for all your effort.

Nazy said...

And thank you Nimeh Shab Jan for your support of the cause. I know what a good Iranian you are my friend. All of us must keep at it.