San Francisco East Bay Weather

Oakland Hills, Last Friday of 2007, 4:00 p.m.
One of my readers asked me this week whether it snows in these parts. I said it almost never snows in the San Francisco Bay Area (and a good thing, too, because of all the steep hills in our area!). But this doesn't mean that it doesn't get cold here! These days we frequently wake up to frost-covered lawns and sidewalks. Take a look at Oakland Hills (coming from Berkeley) at about 4:00 p.m. today, on my way home. The fog has enveloped the hills, and it will rain sometime later this evening, as it did last night. Where I live, the temperature at this time is 6 degrees Celsius (Centigrade), with 89% humidity, and winds at 11 kilometers per hour. For your information, our temperature is about 4 degrees warmer than Tehran today, and at about the same level as London, UK. All I want to do is to sit by a warm fire and do nothing this evening! I will write my Friday post in a few hours, then. Stay warm and toasty wherever you are. I'll be back.


Marzieh said...

این جا هم هوا خیلی سرد نمی شه و برف هم کم داریم..اگه هم بباره با یه بارون حسابی شسته میشه..پارسال ولی برای 1 هفته برف, یخ روی زمین موند و حالمون رو جا آورد...یکی از دوستان قدیمی ساکن بستن گفت حالا یه کمی درد ما رو فهمیدی! :D

Marzieh said...

نیومدی که؟

Nazy said...

Salam Marzieh Jan! Hee Hee, wait, I'm working on it! I just got home and this post needs a bit of research. Soon!

jeerjeerak said...

what's it with the wind-chill? I think around the bay itself should be much colder. At least it was in Fisherman's wharf in May.

Nazy said...

Salam Jeerjeerak Jan:

I think it might be a bit warmer now because it's raining. By the time rain stops, we will get that insidious San Francisco Bay breeze again which would freeze our you know what's! Stay warm in the sub-zero's of Chicago my friend!

masoud said...

سلام نازی خانم
امروز اینجا شده سایت هوا شناسی.اهواز هم اینروز ها بفهمی نفهمی سرد شده،همان سرمایی که در وصفش می گویند :به استخوان میزنه
آنها که ندارند غم چشم و غم دل
خاصیت این آب و هوا را نشناسند
خانه همه تان گرم و آبادان باد

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Masoud!

Hee Hee, that was funny about "havashenasi!" I have been to Ahvaz in winter time. You are right. Though no one expects it, it does get cold there, too. I hope you are staying warm and warm inside. Have a glorious day Masoud Jan.