A Yalda Love Story (Part III)

Snow in Tabriz, December 2007
(Parts I, and II)
After his divorce, Amir was immersed in memories of his childhood and his first love again. Thoughts of "what if?" and "where is she now?" constantly haunted him. A few days before Yalda in 2001, just like all the other Yalda's before that, he was overwhelmed with nostalgia and thoughts about Iran, his family, and Maryam.
Maryam’s daughter, Tara, was preparing for college in 2001. On a lazy Sunday morning, she and her brother were doing their homework and Maryam was ironing. Their television was set on the Iranian program and they were absent-mindedly “listening” to the program when on a commercial break, an advertisement for an Iranian business appeared. When the announcer said: “……under Mr. Amir Azimpoor’s management…,” Maryam looked up and on the TV screen, there was Amir’s face, his blue eyes and his face, older, more settled, with graying hair, but still the same, was looking at her. Catching her breath, she said casually to her daughter, “That is my old classmate, Amir.” Tara quickly wrote the number down in her open notebook, and suggested her mother call her old classmate and invite him and some of her other old classmates in the area to their traditional Yalda celebration the following weekend. It took all Maryam’s might to speak in a normal tone, telling Tara that this wasn’t such a good idea.
The vivacious Tara , however, had a mind of her own. Amid her mother’s protests, she picked up the phone, punched in the numbers just mentioned on TV, asked to talk to Mr. Azimpoor, and once he came online, she handed the telephone to her mother. Maryam took the phone and said: “Hi, I just saw your commercial on TV, and I am wondering whether you were a classmate of mine in middle school.” There was a silence on the other end of the line. Amir then said: “Yes, Maryam Khanoom. I was your classmate, and I have waited all my life for this phone call. I knew you would call me someday.”
(To Be Continued...)


Leva said...

Oh....This part of the story made me back and try to find some of these moments in my life. I will tell you my love story sometimes later my dear. Love is such an amazing feeling that burn the hearts, but make them more beautiful. Cant wait to hear the rest of the story.

Chakameh Azimpour said...

Nazy joon. You write it so well. I have some similar stories, but it is the :
yek ghesseh bish nist gham e eshgh o in ajab, kaz har yaban ke mishenavam na-mokarrar ast.

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

قسمتي که مريم به امير تلفن مي زنه و امير ساکته پشت تلفن رو که مي خوندم ، نفسمم توي سينه بند اومده بود
زندگي اون لحظه اي نيست که نفس مي کشيم
اون لحظه اي ايه که نفس مون توسينه بند مي ياد....
خيلي براي اين لحظه متشکرم نازي هميشه عزيز

masoud said...

نازی جان حق داشتی از آن بخش ها زودتر رد شوی.بار داستان همین جا متمرکز شده است.
راستی این عظیم پور با آن یکی که ربطی ندارد؟
جون هر کس که دوست دارید اشعار فارسی را به لاتین ننویسید.این قند پارسیست.
به نظر می رسد امیر با بیان اینکه منتظر تلفن مریم بوده نه فقط امیدواری اش را بیان کرده ،نوعی گلایه هم دارد .
بلدی چطور از تعلیق استفاده کنی طرف.من که گفته ام اینکاره ای.نکنه با تعجیل در ادامه ماجرا روح آنرا فدا کنی؟تارا خیلی باهوش است ،آیا بو برده بود؟
ممنون از اینهمه سلیقه

masoud said...

سلام .این کوچولو برای بانوست:توکه قطعا دستی در شعر داری.ترکیب بدیعی ساختی.لذت بردم.

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

This part is very dreamy; Part I & II however, are more realistic. Of course I like dreams and I have seen tings like that happening in real life. But still they are amazing when you hear them.

Nazy said...

Salam Leva Joonam:

How well you say it,"love is such an amazing feeling that burns the hearts, but makes them more beautiful." You have a beautiful heart my friend. I can't wait to hear your stories the ones that burnt that beauty into your heart! Perhaps when we get together to work on that "top secret" project over the break, you can tell me over a cup of coffee. Be good azizam.

Nazy said...

Salam Chakameh Jan:

Thank you for your kind comment and for the poem. And a true sentiment lies in that poem. My Amir Azimpoor is a fictitious name, and I hope you forgive my use of that last name without your permission. Would you believe that I wasn't thinking of your last name when I made it up? I hope it doesn't bother you. I can change it if it does.

Thanks again for coming and leaving this sweet comment my friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Neda Jan:

Thank you for your poignant words. I am touched. I am sure I have mentioned that this is a true story. The amazing thing about it is that this post and the way the story reads is exactly how Amir and Maryam have told it to me. The description of Amir's feelings and the words that were exchanged are exactly as he told them to me. So, your wonderful comment is very appropriate. Thanks again.

Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

Thank you for your supportive words about my writing! I said the words in quotation marks exactly as they were relayed to me. Sometimes reality beats poetry in beauty, don't you think? I think I answered the question pertaining to names. The names are made up.

Many people don't have access to Farsi software, and however way they describe their feelings and thoughts, in Farsi, in English, or in Finglish, is fine with me. I can make out the intent. I don't have MS Word in Farsi, either, and I have to go through hoops for the few Farsi things that I do post here. It's a hard thing, trust me.

Yes, Tara is very very intelligent. In fact, Maryam says that just a few days before this incident, probably at the same time that Amir was thinking about Maryam, one day Tara asked her if she had ever been in love, or if she had ever been loved before her father. She says she told Tara that there had been a boy in her school when she was very young. I am not sure if Tara made the association at that time, but I still believe it was very bold of her to take the initiative. I have read these parts of the story to Tara, and she keeps giggling and taking full credit for all of this. Wait until you hear the rest of the story. Soon.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Tameshk-e Ziba:

And where, exactly, have you been? I have missed you so much. I gather you were in New Haven. But they have internet there, not?

This is a true story, Tameshk Jan. I didn't delve into certain parts of the story, because privacies of other people are involved, but to hear the whole amazing story, you would agree that it might be better than the best of the stories we read n books. I do joke around that it feels like the script of a Bollywood movie, at least! Hee hee! I hope they don't make a movie of it in Bollywood based on my "dreamy" script! Be happy and in love my dear Tameshk.

Marzieh said...

وای چه جالب شده......
مرسی از حسن سلیقه تو نازی عزیزم.
لحضه های زیبائی را ترسیم کردی.

مانا said...

من نفسم بند میاد وقتی به قسمت "ادامه دارد" میرسم.اصولا من صبر و تحملم خیلی در این موارد کمه!!کتاب هم که می خونم یک نفس تا تهش میرم. مرسی از نوشته قشنگتون

Chakameh Azimpour said...

Of course not. I didn't know you made the name up. But even so, why shall I mind. I am not the only Azimpour in the world. I have a cousin though, in Iran, named Amir Azimpour who might mind, hummmm. Let me see :-))
Just joking...

Amir Hossein said...

You write excellent
You can become well known.
I enjoy it awesome

Assal said...

Nazy Joonam: I am ashamed of myself that my do-zari didn't drop earlier!

Part three just made my heart feel all warm and tingly. This vivavious Tara sounds like a character! Tell us more about her...

Your love story has truly made me smile today! I wish happiness and love to all the Amirs and Maryams of the world...and to you, my dear friend!

! said...

سلام نازی عزیزم ...
من واقعا عاشق این داستان عشقولانه ی ! شب یلدات شدم ها !!! خیلی زیباست
با وجود اینکه دو دفعه قبل از این برفکی در تهران آمده بود ولی خوب اینطور نبود که بیاد و بشینه ! امشب برفی آمد و نشسته و البته دارد می بارد بشدت !!

! said...

می دونی نازی عزیزم
سوالی که الان می خوام بپرسم خیلی اذیتم می کنه ... راستش کلی بهش فکر کردم
این سوال رو هم در حالی دارم تایپ می کنم که دستام از شدت سرمای سرخ سرخه و چند جاشم بریده و خیلی هم میسوزه !!!!
می دونی نازی عزیزم من خیلی دلم می خواد این سوال رو تو در وبلاگت عنوان کنی تا ببینم خوانندگان تو که خیلی هم زیادن راجع بهش چی می گن
می دونی نازی عزیزم من همیشه شخص معترضی بودم ...
به همه چیز اگر کمی ایراد دار و بر خلاف میلم باشه غر می زنم و ایراد می گیرم
دولت فخیمه ی ایران هم که خوب سرشار است از ... و خوب بطبع همه غر می زنند من هم بروش !!!
و اما سوال من :
من بعنوان یک شهروند این شهر بزرگ چه قدمی در جهت کمک به خودم و همنوعانم در راحت سازی شرایط پیرامونی کردم که انتظار دارم دولت همه ی شرایط رو برای من محیا کنه ؟؟
حالا می خوام برات داستان بگم ، داستانی که چرا اصلا به این فکر افتادم :
طرح جدید دولت ( کارتی کردن بنزین ) باعث شده صف پمپ بنزین های شهر بعضا به کیلومتر ها برسه ...
امشب ساعت 11 بود که تصمیم گرفتم برم و بنزین بزنم ، بلکه پمپ بنزین کمی خلوت باشه ( که البته نبود و 1 ساعت تمام بنزین زدن بنده بطول انجامید ) در راه بازگشت برف خیلی شدیدی گرفت ( همونطور که شاید بدونی نازی عزیزم شمال تهران خیلی برفگیره و برف خیلی زود میشینه ، وقتی برف میاد بسرعت زمین رو سفید پوش می کنه و اگه نگم ماشین ها با هم تانگو می رقصند حتما توایس رو دیگه بتنهایی دارن !!! در جهت رفع این مشکل شهرداری تهران ستاد برف روبی تشکیل داده ، این ستاد که از اواخر ماه اول پاییز کار خودش شروع می که در محل های برفگیر شهر ( اغلب شمال ) محل های خاصی رو تعبیه می کنه که ماشین آلات و تل های نمک در آنجاها دپو بشن و بصورت استندبای منتظر شرایط خاص باشن ، تمام اتوبان ها و خیابان ها حتی بعضا کوچه ها مخازن بزرگ شن و نمک تعبیه شده و در کنار بزرگراه هایی که بدلیل برف گیری نمیشده در فواصل کوتاه مخزن گذاشت در کیسه های پلاستیکی خاصی شن و نمک بسته بندی شده و کنار اتوبان و مسیر قرار گرفته )بطوری که ظرف نیم ساعت تمام اتوبان نیایش رو سفید پوش کرد و یه خانم بد بخت با یک ماشین
PK ( نوعی رنو5 تغییر کرده !)
رفت و زد به کنار اتوبان و بنده ی خدا چرخهاش همه شکست و ... خوب بطبع کارکنان ستاد برف روبی نمی تونستن ظرف نیم ساعت تمام خروجی ها و ورودی های فقط همین اتوبان نیایش رو شن بریزند چه برسه به تمام مسیر های برفگیر ، ( لازم به ذکر است من چون می خواستم فقط برم بنزین بزنم یه شلوار لی پوشیده بودیم و بلوز نازک آستین سه ربع ! و البته دمپایی ، طبیعیه آخه فکر کردم از توی پارکینگ می خوام سوارشم و دوباره توی پارکینگ هم پیاده شم دیگه !!! ) خلاصه بنده که دیدم اینطوریه اول تصمیم گرفتم تا قبل از اینکه دیگه نتونم به خونه برسم و شروع کنم به رقصیدن وسط خیابان آن هم با ماشین ، پام رو بذارم روی گاز و تندی برم خونه !! ولی بعد دلم نیومد ، ماشین رو پارک کردم و شروع کردم به ریختن شن و نمک در سطح اتوبان و خروجی ها ! چه سرت رو درد بیارم ( من که توقعی نداشتم ) ولی نه تنها هیچ کس نیومد کمکم و حتی بوقی هم بنشان تشکر بهم نزد تازه بعضی ها بوق اعتراض آمیز هم میزدند که بابا از وسط خیابون برو کنار و بعضی هم بدشون نمی اومد مثل اینکه زیرم کنن !!! ولی خوب هنوز سالمم !!1
ای بابا باز هم که روده درازی کردم !!!
خوب خوش باشین و موفق
تعطیلات هم خوش بگذره
راستی بزودی یک سری عکس برات می فرستم حتما ، از برف اخیر و کوههای پوشیده از برف شمال تهران زیبا
این دقیقا اصطلاح خودته ها !!!

fari said...

merc bababte comente ghashangeton
az adame bozorg faghat zibae entezar mire
dastanet ham foghaolade bood
midoonam in kalame foghaladas tekrarie am vaghti fodhalodas o bi eyb chi begam
az inke ba roohaye bozorgi mesle shoma ashna shodam harchand kam khoshhalam be andaze ye donya khoshhalam

Nazy said...

Marzieh Joonam:

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you enjoy the story. Thank you also for the very funny picture you forwarded to me. It's great!

Nazy said...

Mana Joonam. I have to keep the posts short, so that they won't bore people, hence the "To Be Continued." I will finish it soon, I promise. Be appy azize dealm.

Nazy said...

Thank you Chakameh Jan. I am relieved!

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Amir Hossein-e Voroojak! You cracked me up! What kind of talk is this for a Stanford student? My readers wouldn't know that my nephew is such a hard-working and intelligent young man from this comment! I'm glad the story managed to get you to say something in my humble blog, Khaleh Joon. Be good azize delam and Happy Shab-e-Yalda to you.

Nazy said...

Sweet Sweet Assal:

I am not sure what you mean! (wink, wink). I'm glad you are enjoying the story. Love is grand, that's true. I, too, wish love for everyone. Those who have it are so fortunate; those who don't must never give up on finding it; those who had it and lost it must not lose heart, as finding it again is not impossible at all. Be good Jan-e-man.

Nazy said...

Dear Universal Farshad:

I'm glad you like the "eshghoolaneh" story!

Thank you for sharing your story with us. That was an amazing thing you did all by yourself, in the falling snow, and with scant clothing and shoes! I am really impressed, and I thank you for your thoughtfulness and excellent citizenship. You are right, not everyone is aware of their environment and their duties. I always say that years of dictatorship has caused Iranians to always blame someone else for their plight, seldom remembering their own responsibilities about the situation and the way out. Everybody must start with themselves to bring change about. I'm sorry for your cuts and bruises. I hope they will heal quickly. You are a good man Uni-Far.

Nazy said...

Fari, baba kojaee? I have missed you. I am glad you came and left me a message. It is always a good day to hear from you. You and your other friends from Alef Shin's group are the "extraordinary" ones. You are young and smart and soulful and accomplished. You will build Iran the way it can and should be. I am sure of it. Thanks again for coming Farhad Jan.

Marzieh said...


منظورم بودددددد

وای وای

Assal said...

“Yes, Maryam Khanoom. I was your classmate, and I have waited all my life for this phone call. I knew you would call me someday.”

This kills me. Kills me. I think I read it three times at work and twice now. I can't stop. Soo sweet!

Nazy said...

Assal Jan, as I explained in my reply to another comment, this part is the truest part of this story, quoted verbatum. I'm glad you enjoyed it you sweet, romantic soul! Missed you tonight. See you on Yalda.

bijan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bijan said...

I don’t know why but I’m very touched by this story. I’m touched because I too have similar experience and memory of old flames ;)

bijan said...

Until I read some of the comments, I was thinking of Amir perhaps being Chakameh's brother, but then I was thinking very clearly.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Bijan:

Thank you for coming and reading and leaving a peace of your obviously romantic heart here! It's not everyday I run into men who appreciate a love story!

Hee Hee, Yes, that name business was confusing and I'm embarrassed for the mixup. Amir's real last name is very distinctive and I was looking for a last name that would be fitting for the storyline. Please come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Bijan Jan:

About old flames: I have a friend of European origin who grew up in Iran. He then went to Europe and to US to study and live. Recently he told me that his biggest regret in his life was to have lost the love of his life, "Shokoofeh." I asked him why at 50, he should be pining away at a love he had had when he was 16, and he said, because I believe Shokoofeh's love would have given me the energy and balance I have been lacking all my life, searching for that love.

Thanks again for your comment Bijan Jan.