Quiet Love

Theater Festival, Tehran, November 2007
It's Friday. Life is passing by entirely too fast. Sometimes I get dizzy watching the parade of days, people, and events before me. Someday very soon, I will take a few days off to be by myself and to sort myself out. Those days are not here yet, however. For now, life goes on and so must I.
I wish you all a good weekend, full of joy, relaxation, and laughter. Since I feel very quiet and a little bi-hoseleh myself, instead of advising you to go and say and shout your love for those you love, as I normally do, I would like to suggest that you try a "quiet trick" with them this weekend. Without using too many words, find ways to show you love them. This is easier than you think, and chances are you will be heard even more loudly. Here are some examples of the "quiet trick of love:"
  1. Make a cup of tea for someone without their asking for it. Take a small tray, put the nicest china cup and saucer you can find in your home, pour the tea in the cup, put it on the try, put a tea spoon and a sugar bowl on the tray and take it to them.
  2. Wash the dishes without being asked (if this is not a part of your normal routine).
  3. Take his or her eyeglasses and wash and dry and polish them and put them back where you found them.
  4. Voluntarily put the television on the channel they like to wach. Then go sit next to them and watch their favorite program with them for an hour.
  5. Write " I Love You" on a piece of paper an tape it on the mirror in the bathroom. This can work for your partner or your kids equally.

The list can be longer, but you get the gist of what I'm saying. Be unpredictably attentive. Surprise them. You don't need words for that. Nothing feels better than having someone in our life who cares about us, what we like, and how we feel. Give that gift to the people around you this weekend. I guarantee good result. Be good y'all.


ا. ش said...

درود بر نازی عزیز و مهری که برگشوده می دارد و مهری که برگرفته می دارد!ء

Assal said...

Beautiful words. Wonderful, sage advice~ I can buy Parham a million nice things, but what he most appreciates is my bringing a nice cup of tea when he least expects it.

masoud said...

سلام نازی خانم.زندگی با همه هدف ها و آرمانها از همین اتفاقات کوچک و رویدادهای معمولی انباشته است.در کتاب جنگ و صلح تالستوی عبارتی هست از یک نویسنده ایرلندی که :من دیگران را نه بخاطر کارهایی که برای من کرده اند،بلکه بخاطر کارهایی که خودم برایشان می کنم ،دوست دارم.بنابراین هرکاری ولو کوچک می تواند نشان از درکی عمیق و پیوندی وثیق باشد.اینستکه من بخاطر همین یادداشت های کوتاه که برایتان می نویسم،شما را دوست دارم.زنده باشی.

Nazy said...

And Dorood Bar Alef Shin, who is a teacher of love and understanding to so many. I am getting used to your long absences now, and when you do show up in my blog, I am pleasantly surprised! It is always good to hear from you. Have a good day Alef Shin Jan.

Nazy said...

Assal Jan:

Yes, the best things in life are free or don't cost too much. You are a naturally loving individual, and I know Parham is so lucky to have you in his life and in his environment. Chai-e-natalabideh is as good as ab-e-natalabideh, I do believe!

Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

Yes, I agree with you. When we show generosity and love to others, we are the number one recipients of good feelings. In his book, Prophet, Gibran Khalil Gibran also talks about generosity (or giving) in the same way. Thank you for your kind message to me,too. I am touched.

nimshab said...

Nice :')

Nazy said...

Thank you Nimeh Shab Jan. I hope you have had a good weekend.