Shahrnush Parsipur

I attended a lecture by Ladan Boroumand in Berkeley this afternoon. I will write about the lecture later. I saw my friend, Shahrnush Parsipur , who is a well-known Iranian author, there. She looked good and peaceful, as usual. We chatted some about Azar Nafisi's recent tour of the Bay Area. She told me about her new E-book, Men From Various Civilizations. As I went to check it out online tonight, I thought I would tell you about it, too. You can go to Shahrnush's website, read excerpts from her book and order it ($3). It's not a huge book, and you can download it onto your computer. The book has been translated into English. I saw many other friends there, too, which made me really happy on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Marzieh said...

مثل همیشه ممنون نازی عزیزم

اینقدر ملت اون جا مشغول بحث بودند ..که یادشون رفته این جا چیزی بنویسند..
کاش یه کم ملایم تر نظراتمون را ارائه دهیم.:(

! said...

نازی عزیزم سلام
شایدم بهتر باشه بگم برای چندمین بار سلام !!!!
همونطور که شاید بدونی ما تو ایران امکان خرید اینترنتی نداریم چون امکان داشتن مستر کارت یا ویزا کارت نداریم ....
ولی خوب این رو هم بگم که اغلب همه ی چیزها در این شهر قابل پیدا کردنه !!!!
من می گردم و سعی می کنم پیدا کنم کتابشون رو

masoud said...

37276سلام نازی خانم.موضوع کتاب خانم پارسی پور باید جالب و خواندنی باشد.هر انسانی (اگر درست فهمیده باشم:هر مردی)وابسته به فرهنگ و تمدن خود هست و علیرغم اشتراکات، وجوه تمایز قابل توجه با دیگران دارد.هرکسی با تربیت خودش زندگی می کند ،نه با دانشش.
اتفاقیست که این پست هم موضوعش مرد است؟
حق با دوستانست.آنقدر مشغول بودیم دیروز که به این پست نپرداختیم.تازه کی از من ملایم تر؟
گزارش خانم برومند یادت نره.سپاسگزارم.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Marzieh-ye Azizam:

Ha ha! It's quite alright my friend! I write in my blog for the joy of others' coming, reading, and saying their piece. It's not always fun and games! I have had some pretty energetic dialogues going on in here in the past. I just hope that everybody is respectful of each other and that we all learn observing their dialogue. This was a vigorous one! Both Masoud and Leva are extremely intelligent individuals with their own styles of communication. It's all good with me. Thanks for coming and leaving a comment again. You rock Marzieh Jan!

Nazy said...

Salam-o-sad salam Farshad Jan:

I know it's not possible to order things online from Iran. When her book is published on paper, I'll make sure I send you a copy. Have you read "Tooba va mani-e shab?" I think you can find that one in Tehran. Parsipur is an accomplished writer who lives a very simple life. I think the least we can do to support those who work in the cultural field is to buy their works, so that they can sustain a livelihood. Be happy Farshad Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Masoud-e-Aziz:

I have not read Shahrnush's new book yet. As soon as I do, I will talk about it. The Boroumand report is really hard for me to write, because it talks about a very sad subject. During her presentation yesterday, I cried several times. When I feel stronger, I will write it, to be sure.

Yes, you are molayem. Leva is an extremely intelligent young woman with a heart of gold. She does have her own style of expression, which is always delightful for me to read. Whichever way each of us express oursevelves, we must never lose sight of the fact that the message is what matters most, not so much the style. Thank you for coming again and take care my friend.

! said...

سلام نازی عزیزم !!!!
مرسی ....
اما منظور من این نبود به خدا !!!!
نه نخوندم این کتاب رو البته خریدمش دیروز ! امروز ببینم می تونم بخونمش
خوش باشی عزیزم

Nazy said...

I know Farshad Jan! I only said that to make sure you will get to read Shahrnush's book. Of course I know you so well, my friend! Be good.

! said...